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I am in love with Kimonos at the moment. They look so effortless but add so much to the outfit. And I love the white and blue combination for the summer. Honestly I love that color combination for any season. With addition to black it represents about 85% of my wardrobe. What can I say, I love classic pieces and colors and I tend to add a colorful piece of clothing or accessories as a pop of color. You can´t go wrong with that. Kimono is from the spring-summer collection from Pull&Bear and the shoes from last summer season from Bershka.

Pull&bear Kimono
on sale

What are your top color choices for clothes? Let me know and be sure to come back next Wednesday for more Style talk.


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4 komentarji

  1. I like your post with the photos. I only have a few large cardigans as it's so cold in our house. I noticed you have an ETsy shop - looks lovely. How is it going? Trina

    1. Thanks :) it has been going great - we are very thankfull to our readers and followers :)

  2. Lovely kimono! I love them for summer too...and the blue and white combination is beautiful on you!


    1. Thank you, Christina. Aren´t they fun? I wish they had more colors and patterns. Thank you for stopping by. :)