Family Is a Gift


Family is the greatest thing in the world. They are the most important people in your life when you are a kid, then you rebel a little in your teenage years and try to spent as little of time with them you can and once you grow up you know they are your number one. No matter who they are or what they do, they are your favourite people. For many of you.

But family is not only given, many of you have chosen your family or have been chosen by them. Family is not about blood and DNA, it is about unconditional love and understanding. It is the bond between people who will love each other for ever. No questions asked, no conditions given and no misakes to ruin that love. Even if you do not get along in the best way, you always love and will be there for them. It is not where you come from, it is where you belong.

Sometime friends can be your family, your coworkers, your neighbours. Random people you have met in your life somewhere along the way and you both just clicked. Everyone has someone, even if you don´t believe in that. Find that someone in your life, who you can really call your family.

Family is a gift. I have been given the biggest treasure in life - a great, big, loving family. Some of them are my relatives, my given family, my loving confidants who I adore: my mother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, cousins;
others are my chosen family: my stepfather (the best choice for our family my mom ever made - who has been upgrated to my given family in my mind years ago), my awesome boyfriend and his great family, my new family who I love;
and my fun, crazy and loving friends, the best partners in crime a girl could ask for.

For other things in my life, that took the wrong turn in my mind at the time are so irrelevant. Having all those people makes me appreciate life so much more and not obsess about unimportant stuff. Until I have them, I will be fine, no matter what. I know that now. Once I was a very unhappy person, with a lot of issues that made no sense. I was in a bad place for years and I have had my share of problems. Real problems, which is not easy to admit. But one day I realised, I have everything that matters in life to be happy. And they will be there for me no matter what. So I thank them for that.

For my future, I hope to have them for as long as I can, all of them. I wish we could stay like we are today but I know that we will evolve (not change), we will grow (not fade) and we will love (not live) forever. Our future seems so bright. Never forget who your family is.


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