How to DIY with decoupage


Maybe you are having one of those days when you are feeling super artsy and want to make your own unique piece of art. One of great ways to DIY is decoupage technique, which I love working with to make things I already own prettier. Paper napkins provide an ideal medium for decoupage because they are not expensive and are often printed in bold colours or patterns. You can choose whatever you like. And you have a LOT to choose from. Also, everything looks better with a touch of unique taste.

For this DIY project you will only need 5 things.

  • A canvas or some other object you want to make prettier or usable; like a glass or a shoe box. You can any material like wood, paper, plastic, ceramic or metal. Sky is the limit. 
  • A decoupage glue, which is not expensive and you can buy in every art store.
  • A serviette with a pattern you like.
  • Scissors.
  • A paintbrush.

This technique can be used on a lot of different materials, on wood, glass, tiles, mirrors, etc. All you need is a base (whatever it is that you want to decorate), paper napkins, special napkin glue, scissors and a brush. Then you are ready to start!

Step 1

Tear or cut the pattern out of the napkin, then pull the layers apart. Use only the upper layer.

Step 2

Apply the napkin onto the glue and rub with your fingertips or with a brush from the middle to the sides until the napkin sits neatly and smooth on the object. Then apply another layer of glue onto the napkin, by using a sponge brush, as you will easily tear the wet napkin apart with a normal brush. Let everything dry.

Objects that will only be used indoors do not need to be varnished. You are all done. Simple, right? :)

Have fun creating!


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