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DIY Project: Sewing baby harem pants/leggins


Don't you just love baby clothes? They are just so tiny and cute and they make me feel even more excited for my little boys to arrival. I want him to have a bunch of cool stuff, as any parent does. We want it all for our kids, don't we? Mine is not even here yet and I am already thinking only about him. So I have been sewing him clothes with great fabrics and prints for a few weeks now. Here is what I made.

 Baby Harem Pants
I have always been a DIY lover, whatever the project. I mean, I cannot build my own house (obviously) but I have made a lot of cool items and useful pretty stuff over the years. I always think about new DIY projects and have them pinned on my pinterest page for the future. Man, I will need years to finish them all :) But they make me feel excited, capable, artistic and they bring me a lot of joy. At this point I am obsessed with baby DIY projects! While waiting for my son to arrive, I am painting, sewing, drawing, looking for cool baby stuff and all the other stuff expecting moms do.

I went shopping for fabrics recently (jersey knit) and I was really hoping for cool patterns, since I am not a fan of traditional "pink for a girl/blue for a boy" pieces of clothing. I really like neutral and cool patterns, black/white hipster clothes, cute and bold woodland/arrow/striped/Aztec prints (which I haven't found in my local fabric stores - will have to order those online) and also lumberjack style clothes, cool sweaters, knitted clothes (which my mom is making him a bunch of) and also onesies with funny text prints. I will have to make a few blog posts about baby fashion I like :)

I researches baby harem and regular pants online and drew my own sewing pattern. I tried out different styles and also made pants is sizes: newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months. I am making a bunch more because I have a lot of fabric left - I am planning on making a few onesies, shirts and swaddle blankets for now but I will probably make a lot of other stuff too - like nursing blankets and canopy seat cover. I also bought fabric paint which I will be using at my next DIY project - drawing on his clothes, but that's a post for another time.

I was having a hard time sewing at first because I borrowed an old sewing machine from my (future) mother in law and it was making me crazy. It jammed all the time and I had to figure out how to work with it - these old sewing machines are really good but also tricky. It is over 20 years old, I think. After I finished the first pair of pants, I all became much easier and I now know I love sewing, I love making clothes. I will be buying my own sewing machine soon, for sure! Here is what I made:
 Black and White pattern baby harem pants
 Blue stripes baby harem pants
 Mustard stripes baby harem pants
Now I am working on drawing new sewing patterns and preparing for my new DIY project - drawing on baby clothes. His dad is a Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit fan, so I will probably be making some cool onesies with LOTR prints or something like that. Have fun creating!


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