Improve Your Self Image Today!


Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw someone you didn´t recognise looking back? One day you are a true beauty and the next you see Shrek looking back at you. Is that really you? No way! Mirror, mirror on the wall should always respond - "you are so pretty as them all"! We are all pretty - beauty is in the eye of beholder. Please, see beauty in your own eyes, when looking in the mirror. You deserve it!

Take a test on How Good is Your Body Image HERE! If you get good results, awesome! - continue being exactly as you are! If your results are bad - get help and take your life into your own hands.
Bad self image can destroy you, it can take you down. It can make you depressed and it will make you shut everyone out. It will make you lonely and feeling worse every day. Be your own saviour and change your own destiny now!

I have been thinking about my self image for years - I am going back and forth with my thoughts on myself. One days I feel awesome, pretty and brave and on other days I feel fat, ugly and worthless. Why is that? This feelings are not a reflection of bad days, they are burnt deeply inside me and I have a real hard time getting rid of them. I was living with this feelings for to long. It all started back in school when I was still a kid. Every single bad comment was burnt in my brain, the good ones went in one ear and out the other. The fact is - I am not all bad an I am not all good. I have flaws like everyone else does and that is OK. I admit it, I could be better with my self image - I could love myself more. I think I will, I continue to learn how to be confident and proud of myself everyday. As I am getting older, I am getting fiercer! If I could feel like I do now in my teen years - life would be so much easier. but hey, my experiences made me who I am today, so I am grateful for that.

When You Start Loving Yourself, Magic Will Happen!

  • You will feel lighter and life will get simpler.
  • You will stop self-sabotaging.
  • You will become more attractive to others.
  • You will be happier.

So How To Start Improving Your Self Image?

Stop Your Inner Critic

Do not over analyse your appearance and do not thing negative thoughts about yourself. Honestly, if something is bothering you so much, make small changes and feel better.

Focus on The Good Stuff

Write down the things you are thankful for. Be happy for the good stuff you have got going on. You have got plenty, you just don´t realise that in this exact moment. Think and you will find the things that make you happy.


Lose the stress and find your inner peace.

Work Out And Eat Healthy

Healthy habits will make you feel stronger and more comfortable in your own skin. Your body will thank you for the nutrients you are consuming with shinier hair, cleaner skin and radiant energy.

Set Goals

Finally run that marathon, join a theatre group or talk to that guy you have been wanting to talk to for years. Make a step forward and you will change your world. Thins will not always go as planned, but that's OK. You keep trying.

Choose to Be Happy

I am happy! I am happy! After saying that for 100 times, you will start feeling more and more happiness. You make your own decisions.

Handle Mistakes in More Positive Ways

Did you make a mistake? No problem, it proves you are human. Make the best you can to give up for your mistakes and always look forward. What is in the past, it is gone for ever.

Be Kind to Others

Treat others as you want them to treat you. It is simple as that - you will get what you give.

Spend More Time With Supportive People.

Why would you hang out with someone who constantly criticises you? Find supportive people and have a blast! If you surround yourself with awesome people, they will make you fell awesome too! Happiness and laughter can also be contagious.

Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

A rose can never be a sunflower and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way and that is exactly how people are. You are all beautiful! Embrace your own uniqueness - I think that Miranda Kerr said that. My inner critic would say - "It is easy for you to say that, supermodel Miranda Kerr". But I muted my over-the-top inner critic.

Reward Success

When you achieve a goal, treat yourself! Enjoy those little moments of your personal triumph - no matter how small it may be.

And remember, it is a process - you will still have bad days. But your appereance will no longer define who you are as a person.

Love yourselves,


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