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8 Tips on How To Survive A Bad Day


Sometimes you just have one of these days - nothing feels right, nothing looks right and you are suddenly defined by how bad you feel inside. You do not look any different then other days, you are not uglier and fatter then you were yesterday, when you were fine and happy. You only feel as if you are. But there are ways to pick yourself up!

I am a queen of bad days - well, at least I have been lately. Here is why - I quit my job, which was making me miserable anyway. Now I am a real housewife (without being married and having kids part) while my boyfriend is providing for both of us. Me quitting my job was our mutual decision - we talk about it a lot and it was really messing with our lives. I was working crazy hours and haven´t received any pay bonuses for my extra work. I was responsible for a lot of  tasks and even people and I was having a hard time dealing with that. Plus, they were an internet business firm and their excuse for everything was - The Internet never sleeps. Well, I am human and I do sleep, sorry for that. In all, it was a big stressful no-no, especially when you have a history of anxiety and panic attacks. But I really thought I would find another job quickly. Three months later - still nothing. So much for my self-worth. I am feeling like nobody wants to hire me, like I have no talent and so on. But for the most part I am a better person now - I am more relaxed and calm. Still - the lack of money (my own money) is starting to take its toll on me. I have always had a job. If it was flipping burgers, selling clothes or writing articles - I always had my own income. At the moment I am completely dependent on someone else. It is not like it is awful, but I am not used to this. Also, I quit shopping for clothes and other stuff, because I do not really go anywhere. Only to exercise and hang out with friends and family (when they are out of work) and that is it. I do not need any more clothing (than I already own) but I miss shopping for them. I am a true stay at home person. At least I have my hobbies, right? But I have to say it is hard on my self esteem to realise I have nothing more to offer at this moment then cook and clean our house. I need something more. So that is what my bad days are really about lately. Funny thing about my bad days is that I always feel ugly and fat on top with everything else. Why is that? When I hate myself, I really go all out, I guess.

So for those days, when I wake up feeling useless, ugly, fat and sad, here is what I try to do.

Stop the pity party! 

It helps no one, especially you! Plus, over thinking things you have already been obsessing about for hours (days, weeks probably) gets you nowhere. Maybe a little deeper in your own sorrow. Stop that.

Take a long bath and pamper yourself

A long bath with calming vanilla scent, romantic music and a glass of wine is a perfect mini date for one - yourself. Relax and enjoy your time alone, read a good book and make yourself look pretty. Start feeling pretty.

Eat something awesome

Crepes with fresh fruit and a scoop of ice cream is heaven for my mouth! Indulge in your own favourite treats and feel good.

Watch a comedy

Preferably  something with Melissa Mccarthy, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler or Rebel Wilson - these ladies make me laugh so hard I feel better only thinking about them :) Also, a movie with Chris Pratt, James Franco, Dave Franco or anyone from The Office is also a good idea. Just sayin´,

Call up that funny friend or your mom to make you feel better

I call my mom or sister when I need advice or just a few kind word. These to really help me feel better - no one better than family, right? Plus, who else would rather help you in the entire world? They are there for you, so do not keep it all bottled inside - call someone!

Go for a long walk

Long walks in nature can really be therapeutic. There is a calmness about the outdoors you cannot get curled up inside. Watching trees in the wind, birds in the sky or any other sign of life makes you feel like you are not alone. Plus, exercise bring you hormones of happiness.

Make great plans

Past in gone, here and now looks bad for you - so make plans for the future and start living them as soon as possible. Everyone gets down sometimes, we all make mistakes and feel awful about ourselves. So change the thing which is making you so unhappy. If that is impossible, change your focus on the matter. Find something that will make you happy. Life is full of choices and possibilities - embrace them.

Get a good night’s sleep

Nothing will change your prospective like a good night´s sleep! That is something my grandparents and parent always said to me - they have been true a lot in their lives, so they must know by now! I believe them. The Sun will come out tomorrow!

Everybody get those days, even if they do not seem like they do. But they do. We all have our insecurities and we all struggle with our self image. So be kind to yourself.


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