Sweet and Funny Greeting Cards Just Because


Think about how many times have you received a nice greeting card from someone - probably on birthdays, Christmas and some other holiday. The thing about greeting cards is that we are used to them on these occasions and they are OK. If they are unique and funny they are better. But what if you receive a card for something you did not expect, just ´cause? Not that would be awesome, don´t you think? 
When I was a kid, I had a few pen pals and I loved receiving letters, real hand-written-sent-trough-post letters. I waited for weeks and looked at the mailbox every day. It was fun and exciting and I miss that nowadays. Now we use text messages, emails and Social Accounts for everything and messaging is just not that special anymore. Now people get a short "HBD" on their Birthday on Facebook and that is that. Why can´t we be more personal and thoughtful when it comes to our loved ones and show our love in a special way. And I don´t mean to post a huge love letter on Facebook because love should be special between two people, not public. If you need to show a person how much you love and appreciate them, do it in your own unique way. If you have to do it publicly, then it is more about the other people then that special someone. I got a little sidetracked here, but this is how I feel.  Anyway, I gathered some ideas for you to surprise someone on their special day (like on a first day of collage, first day of a new job, for finishing a half marathon or whatever that is important to them). You can buy and send sweet or funny greeting cards, you can make them yourself in your own unique way or do something else. Do something nice just because.  
Here are some greeting cards I think are sweet.

Be creative!

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