Knitted Baby Clothes


Lately we have been preoccupied with all things baby. As you might know It is quite an exciting time since my sister is expecting her first baby. We can´t wait and we are all getting ready. I am already planning to make a baby album and my mum is very busy knitting baby clothes. They are so cute, everything she made for the little one I want myself.

Since Wednesdays are all about fashion I thought I would share with you some of those adorable creations. I mean, how cute is that cupcake hat? There are many more clothes in the making but don´t worry I will share those in the future. I hope you enjoy.

Which one is you´re favourite? I just love everything. Don´t forget to leave a comment, check out last week´s fashion post: FASHION EDITORIAL PART 2 and make sure you come back next week for more about Fashion.


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  1. omg these are so adorable!