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When I first started wearing make-up I stayed far away from using blushes. The reason why I started wearing foundation in a first place was to hide my red cheeks so wearing a blush just didn´t make any sense. But I soon realized it is an essential step to achieving a youthful natural look. It just makes the look complete and without it feels like something is missing. I wanted to share my love for blush with presenting my top 5 blushes ranging from drugstore to high-end and from pinks all the way to deep raspberry shades. 
(left to right) Gosh - Rose Wisper, MAC - Warm Soul and MAC - Peaches

This soft pink blush just happens to be my favourite. It is very light, but it looks very natural on the cheeks. The pigmentation is amazing, it blends like a dream and it lasts all day. I have gotten so many compliments wearing this one. The best thing about it is it´s versatility. It matches any look, the lightest, natural and effortless make-up all the way to smoky and dramatic looks. 
The packaging resembles Mac´s blushes with thinner container. Also it comes with 5g of product for about 10 EUR.


Another Mac fave is Warm Soul blush. This is a mineralize blush. A beautiful deeper rosy shade with a golden sheen. It basically a highlighter and a blush all in one. If you prefer more mature colors this one will be perfect for you. It´s most suited for yellow undertone skin, but looks great on all skin tones. This one is no different from the rest, with great pigmentation and longevity. The packaging caries 3.5g of product.


This is my favourite summer shade. Beautiful peachy-orange with a matt finish. I love matt finish blushes. Although it is a sheertone blush it is very pigmented. The color is very buildable. It comes in a standard Mac packaging and it holds 6g of product. These blushes are a bit more pricey, since they are considered to be higher-end, but they are very good quality and they last a really long time.   

Catrice - Rosewood Forest (left) and Sleek - Flushed (right)


As you can see I adore rosy colored blushes. I also love Catrice Rosewood forest blush. It is pigmented, very soft and long lasting. It looks quite matt on the skin. The packaging is not my fave as far es esthetics goes but it is compact, sleek and travel friendly. Above all I love it´s price. It retails for just under 5EUR. A great price for a great product.


Sleek might have the best drugstore blushes. Out of all the brands I mentioned this one probably wins entirely. It comes with the most amount of product, 8g. The range of colors is phenomenal, something for everyone. As for the packaging goes the name Sleek says it all. Very pigmented, long lasting, I really cannot find a bad thing to say. The color Flushed is beautiful deep raspberry. Probably not your everyday shade, but definitely a must in your collection.

What are your top blushes? Let me know in the comments and be sure to come back next Tuesday for more Beauty talk. In the mean time read last weeks post.


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