Whats in my make-up bag part 2: Make-up FANATIC


A week ago my sister shared the content of her make-up bag and told you all about the products she loves and uses on a regular basis even though she doesn´t particularly like wearing make-up. I on the other hand love everything about it. I love trying new products, different looks and I enjoy the applying process as well. Not only will I get up extra early for my daily makeup routine, if you give me extra time, I will use it completely. And that is why I am taking over Beauty posts. As you can tell me and my sister are total opposites but I have to say it´s a nice feeling that I can teach my older sister about something for a change and share my beauty tips and tricks with her. Anyway, we thought it would be great to show you the content of my make-up back as well. Here it goes....

First things first I have to talk about my fave primer at the moment. I  only recently  made this step permanent in my routine, because it really makes a big difference. My skin feels smoother, the foundation blends better. Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base also mattifyes my skin for a while and it fills up the pores which leaves the skin looking a lot better and healthier.

I am currently trying out this new Maybelline foundation called Better Skin so I can´t really tell you much about it. I do love the finish, it is very smooth and slightly dewy, but I have to say even the lightest colors run a bit darker. I do think I will have to mix it with another foundation to make it perfect but all and all it seems like a great product. I will probably do a full review once I try it out some more.
I have been avoiding using a concealer in the summer, because I have a feeling it is the reason for slightly cakey looking face. But when I do need to cover blemishes I tend to stick to my all-time fave Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. For my dark circles there is nothing better than Maybelline´s Instant Anti-age effect.

Other face products include Stay Matte powder from Rimmel, my most used bronzer from Essence, I guess it´s called just Bronzing powder and lastly a beautiful rosy blush from Gosh called Rose Whisper. It is my go-to blush when I´m going for a natural, healthy look and for some reason I always get compliments when I wear it.
I sometimes skip highlighting but I do feel it makes a big difference. I absolutely love Benefits High Beam highlighter. It really is one of the best out there. It is so easy to apply and lasts forever. I has a silvery shine. Also I love using Catrice Cosmetics Eyebrow lifter for highlighting under my brows, on the inner eye corners and on the cupid´s bow.
Lastly I use Essence dark grey eyeliner. I feel it looks a bit softer and more natural then a black eyeliner. And I add a mascara off course. I am not picky about my mascaras, currently I am using Catrice Cosmetics Better Than False Lashes mascara. And no look would be completed without a lipstick. I love pairing my rosy blush with Mac´s Angel lipstick. If you are looking for a pinky-nude Angel is the right choice.

I also keep my makeup brushes and eyelash curler in my make-up bag. Boring but o-so important. What is a constant in your make-up bag? Share in the comments bellow and don´t forget to come back next Tuesday for more Beauty tips and tricks.


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