How to Save Money Buying Beauty Products


We all know Beauty Products can be very expensive. Especially when there are so many new products and brands coming out and before you know it your wish list is full. In the recent years I became quite obsessed with make-up, thanks to beauty community on You-tube and all the lovely blogs out there. I can´t even understand why I need 5 almost exact shades of lipstick yet there they are in my make-up collection sitting unattended. But this is not a post about how I need help with my make-up buying obsession this is a post about my fave online shops that sell cheaper beauty products.

So here is the answer to saving money. We all know we won´t stop buying make-up anytime soon, that is why we need to be smarter about it. Looking for best deals is the most efficient way to save money except from not buying anything in the first place off course. I´m not sure how the prices are around the world. If i´m not mistaken in the US the prices are quite affordable, but in Europe and especially Slovenia make-up can be quite expensive. The prices are almost doubled. But no matter where you live we all love sales, am I right ladies or am I right? 

Fragrance Direct

First I want to mention Fragrance direct. They are selling a lot more than fragrances but I mainly buy perfumes and nail polishes from them. A 100ml bottle costs about the same as 15ml one in our stores. Can you believe that? I will never buy perfume elsewhere and the best part is it lasts me a whole year. They don`t carry all the brands but they do offer the most popular ones. It is definitely worth the look. My fave perfume purchase is Beyonce´s Heat Rush, which happens to be my fave fragrance of all time. I love the fruity scents and it is perfect for the summer.
Beyonce Heat Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml
Beyonce Heat Rush Perfume 100ml
Fragrance Direct, 17,34€
Next I love to browse their nail polish section. Similar to perfumes they offer many popular nail polishes with discounted prices. For comparison OPI nail polish in Slovenia is sold for 12.99, on Fragrance direct you can get it for 4.84€. I think they slightly raised the prices but still, it is a big difference. Again, they don´t have all the colors, but the collection is still nice and I am sure you will find something for yourself. I also love purchasing Rimmel London nail polishes, which are sadly not sold in my country. My absolute favourite is and will probably be for a long time, Misty Jade.
I also have to mention that they sell MAC cosmetics but as far as I know they are FAKE! So be careful about that one.
OPI Nail Lacquer 15ml
Opi nail polish
Fragrance Direct, 4,84€


Another similar site is FeelUnique. Their prices are a bit higher, but the difference is they offer free international shipping on all of their products, which is a big deal. A lot of sites offer low prices with crazy shipping rates. This way you know exactly how much you´re spending. Also they carry a lot more products including higher-end brands.


Lastly I have to talk about eBay. I know a lot of people don´t trust their sellers but there are a lot of good deals available. For example: fake lashes. I am not very big on wearing fake lashes unless it is for a special occasion, but for one use only I am not paying more than 5€. And even that is a stretch. Instead I would buy eBay lash pack with 10 pairs of lashes for only 1,39€

Another great deal are Sigma dupe brushes that come in a pack of 10 and will cost you only around 8€. Not only they are cheap they are also really good quality. I ordered these babies last year and I use them everyday. They don´t shed at all. I couldn´t believe it but is true. It´s a great deal.
Sigma dupe brushes, set of 10
Ebay, 8,49€

That will be all for now. I hope I find more products or stores in the future and if I do I will definitely share them with you. If you know of any more similar products/stores tell us about them in the comments. I hope you found this post useful and please come back next Tuesday for more beauty talk.

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  1. I always look to eBay forst before buying any of my products! You can find some right bargains on there!!
    Jennie Emma

    1. That´s right. Why spend more if you can save some money and then spend the rest on something else, right? ;) Have a nice day xo