How Did Baby Change My View On Life


We are so happy and excited to be back. Because of my new baby we decided we would take a break from blogging, but after 6 months I think it is time to start writing again. So much has changed during this time, I feel like a whole other person. I have brain of a mom now and I see the world differently. 

The thing I love the most about all of the changes (except the fact that now I have a gorgeous baby who is my life) is that I stopped worrying about stupid things. I do not care about what other people think of me because it is none of my business. I do not think about and analyze everything I said and did in the past. I have no need for other people to like me anymore. I do dot need anyone else´s approval and don´t care about their expectations of me. I am living in the moment, I am doing my best and I love my life. This is a huge deal for me and I wanted to be like this for a long time. It is like a huge rock was lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe again. 

Everything is now considered as a hazard to my baby. TV remote just laying on the couch? Oh no, baby is crawling to get that remote and chew on it. Leaving the light on? No, baby is staring directly into the light. Loud ringtones? No, it is going to wake the baby. Who is at the door now? Do not ring that doorbell, baby is sleeping! Do not let that filthy dog near my baby! Do not touch my baby - wash your hands first! So a whole lot of NO´s. Sorry for being an overly protective parent, I cannot help myself, he is my world. How are you coping with situations like this?

I used to love shopping for myself. I still love shopping but everything baby related. I could walk around in old rags, but my baby has to have nice things. All I see are onesies, cute baby rompers, little teeny tiny jeans pants, cute little boy shirts, caps, hats.. "Oh, look, my baby would look so cute in this!" Love buying toys, baby books and even diapers. 

I could be starving but if my baby laughs I am not moving anywhere. He is so cute, I cannot get enough of his cuteness. My needs are somewhere way down on the list of my daily TO DO´s. I know it is not good and healthy for me in the long run, but at this time this is how I want to live. Everything I do for my family is by choice. Being last on my list is by choice. I don´t care if anyone says otherwise, but children should come first to every parent. They should always come first. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about this topic, so please leave a comment and have a great day.


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