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I have been reading lots of psychology and health books for one reason only - I want to expand my horizons. Lately I feel like I am stuck in some kind of useless state in life. No job, no spectrum, no motivation. I have a lot of wishes but I have no idea how to make them happen. So I read. Someday it will come to me - I am sure of it. Until then - I will at least be well read and smart. I hope.

I picked out a few books about Color Therapy because I wanted to understand them more. I love interior design and colors are important in that field. Eight colors of the spectrum have its own vibrational frequency, its positive and negative attributes. So it is going to be fun to learn something about that - right?

Here are colors in conjunction with its complementary color:
Red - Turquoise
Orange - Blue
Yellow - Violet
Green - Magenta

Also, each color is good for use in therapy - it is just a matter of finding the right one for each condition. Even if you wont do the color therapy, you can still get something useful from this. I do believe it is something there, plus if you are unhealthy in any way I cannot see how the use of the right color could hurt.


is the symbol of life, strength and vitality. It a a very powerful energiser and stimulant - it raises body temperate and improves the circulation. It is good for use in paralysis, but not with anxiety and disturbance. In conjunction with turquoise, red helps counteract infections. Interesting, right? So if you need lots of energy, this is your color.


is the symbol of feminine energy and energy of creation. It lays between red and yellow, therefore influences both physical vitality and health. It is the color of joy and happiness, it gives freedom to thoughts and feelings. Wow, I hope you guys like orange, ´cause I do not - I hope I am still feminine enough :) It is a good color to use with people who are manic-depressive and suicidal.


is the symbol of the mind and intellect. It represents the power of thought and stimulates mental activity. Huh, I feel a lot smarter after reading this , since this is my favourite color ;)
Yellow helps us detach from obsessional thoughts, feelings and habits. It can be great when used in counselling - it can reveal weaknesses and help release deep-seated problems. Also, it works with the skin by improving the texture, cleaning and healing scars. I did not know any of that.


is the color of balance, harmony and sympathy. It creates wholeness by bringing body, mind and spirit in balance. That sounds really cool to me. I always felt at ease with this color - it brings peace to my heart. It really does.


is the color to boost the immune system.


is the color of inspiration, devotion, peace and tranquillity. It is great for meditation and places for healing. I can really fell that when I walk into an all blue room - don´t you? Imagine a sea side cabin with white-blue rooms and nautical decor - doesn´t that make you feel peaceful? Awesome color for use in bedrooms. Blue is used to treat tension, fear, palpitations and insomnia.


is the color of spirituality, self-respect and dignity. I do connect this color with spiritual awareness. When I think about decor with violet color I always imagine some place of worship. Also, it makes me think of India, elephants and Bollywood. I cannot imagine that kind of decor in my house, but I do respect the color itself. It has a great meaning.


is the color that enables us to "Let Go"! It allows us to let go of idea and thought patterns that are not right for us any more. Now that what I am talking about - PEOPLE NEED THIS COLOR in their lives. Am I right? I feel like we are stuck in our own patterns and we cannot let go. Lets pain our homes to magenta :)

Some interesting stuff, right? You could let a color help you with your life. If you believe in something it could be the push you needed to do something right. Believe in something. Believe in yourselves.


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