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This post is inspired by one of my favourite songs. And as much as I love The Neighbouthood´s Sweater Weather song I also love sweaters. Crazy colors, patterns but most important is the coziness. Don´t you just love the cozy feeling like you never left the bed in the morning? I love clothes that make me feel like that. What can I say? I just like to be comfortable. Usually I change to my pajamas the second I get home, so you can tell how serious I am about this.

Also I adore Christmas sweaters. Those holiday patterns are the best. Ahh it just feels like Christmas. I mean it has been super cold lately it might as well be Winter already.  All I need is a hot chocolate and I am ready for Christmas. But let´s talk about my sweater wishlist. I put together a list of my fave sweaters for your inspiration. As you might notice I like to stick to white and gray colors with occasional wine red. I hope you like them.

Image 1 of Wood Wood Carola Sweater
Wood Wood Carola Sweater
Asos, €139.34
Image 1 of ASOS Jumper In Tweed With Zip
ASOS Jumper In Tweed With Zip
Asos, €63.98
Reindeer Fairisle Christmas Jumper
Reindeer Fairisle Christmas Jumper
Primark, 15 EUR
Image 1 of Weekday Trish Batwing Sleeve Knit
Weekday Trish Batwing Sleeve Knit
Asos, €63.98
Bershka cable knit crew neck pullover
Bershka, 24.99 €
Bershka basic asymmetric V-neck jumper
Bershka, 14.99 €
round neck flecked jumper
Bershka, 27.99 €

Which one made it to you`re shopping list? Let me know in the comments, check out last week`s fashion post and make sure you come back next Wednesday for all about Fashion.


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