Summer Beauty Obsession: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet


Minimalistic make-up, messy hair and a bright long lasting lipstick....that is my summer go-to look. I am currently obsessed with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick. With wide range of colors everyone can find their own signature summer lipstick, from soft pinks to the bold reds.

The biggest reason why I love it so much is the fact it is very long lasting. It claims to last up to 24 hours, I´m not sure if it does but I can say it beats any other lipstick I tried. I find it holds up pretty well even through eating and drinking and it acts like a stain even after a few hours of wear.

The formula is very smooth yet matte, but not drying at all. It is very easy to apply. Very opaque, pigmentation is insane, even with just one coat. If you prefer more color, just add another coat but I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with this one.

This lipstick is very lightweight, lips feel almost bare while wearing it. And for all of you beauties who are afraid to rock bright statement colors, because of bleeding and transferring, you have nothing to worry about with this one.

You probably know already I tend to gravitate more towards nude and neutral colors so I have chosen the lightest one, 07 Nude-ist. I have to be honest I thought it would be more neutral, even the name suggest that but on my lips it looks vibrant pink, without making too much of a statement. I guess it is meant to be a statement color for all of us girls who are a bit afraid to wear vibrant colors, or for all the ladies just starting out with wearing bold lipsticks.

I know this is not the newest lipstick product on the market but it is definitely one you have to try. It really is amazing and I think they are coming out with new colors. I can´t wait to try some more. Have you tried any of the colors yet? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments and don´t forget to come back next Tuesday for more Beauty talk.


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5 komentarji

  1. perfect colour for summer! love it!

    1. I know, I can´t get enough of it. Take care :)

  2. This one is on my lipstick wishlist!

    xx Izzy | Qthee

    1. You should definitely go for it. You won´t regret it. That´s a promise ;)

  3. Right? It´s my favourite from the whole range :)