What is it about fame that makes us want it so much?


Did you ever think about that? Do you want to be loved, recognised and respected? Why is it that without others noticing our worth, we feel worthless. I often think about what someone said about the tree falling in the woods: If no one has heard it, did it really fall? Well it did. Whatever you did that makes you great and awesome, you have already done. Others not knowing about it, makes no difference.

Fame is just a distinction between people who get noticed and people who don´t. It is a widespread reputation, which can go either way. Famous people are as much loved as they are hated. Someone you admire is not someone who will be admired by everyone. Our world does not work like that, it is a lot more complicated. We are so different from each other that one person can never be universally liked. So by wanting fame, you should be prepared for all the haters that will come your way, as they do in your normal life.

Also: no one is famous by himself, we make him famous. We choose those people and we worship them. In our minds they are so much better than us, which is crazy if you think about it for long enough. They are just like me and you - with more money and daily plans, but they are only people at the end of the day.  No one is better than you, everyone is the best in their own uniqueness. That is what matters, You can be a great person, friend, parent, cook, dancer, painter or anything else in your life. You are the star of your own world. Act like it, do not beat yourself down. You have probably done a bunch of amazing stuff in your life, so be proud of that.
Funny thing is, we all chase after this phenomena of fame, but truly famous people have said that when you reach it, you just want to be left alone. Talk about irony. After spending years trying to stand out from the crowd, you spend years building your own little private bubble of peace and alone time. But who am I to say, I have never been famous. I am just thinking out loud here :)

I know what I want from life at this point of my life. I want respect from others and love from my loved ones. I am not greedy, I want just enough to live a normal life. But deep down inside me, there still lies a wish, a dream to become a famous writer and author. The funny thing is, I always planned to write under pseudonym, so how can I really be famous by my real name? Such a crazy wish. But what do I really need? An adventures, fun and peaceful life, filled with friends and family, love and understanding. A lot of great memories and special moments. Not crazy amounts of money. Just enough.

My crazy dream of the best life would be me, living on a island with my family and friends, hanging out on the beach and eating delicious food.


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4 komentarji

  1. this was a really interesting post, and really thought-provoking! You're absolutely right- it's human nature to want to be known and respected, but that comes at such a price! Amazing post!x

  2. I always say, someone needs to pick up the garbage and clean our houses. I'm sure some of those people would like to aspire to more, but feel like they can't. What separates successful people from non successful is hard work and not everyone has that. It's a romantic thought to think that everyone can be special and unique in their own way. But there are 7 billion people in the planet and growing. I think with those numbers, it will be hard to be unique. Why not just be happy that you can enjoy another day on this earth, and just admit to being average. What's wrong with that? People would sleep a lot easier that way. Sorry for being a downer.

    1. Thank you John Kim for your own prospective on this topic. It is a tricky one and it is hard to admit to yourself that you are not special in any way. Why would you, anyway? You do not have to be famous to be unique. I agree that hard work is the factor that can bring you fame. But millions of people work very hard just to survive and get almost nothing in return. So it is not fair to say that hard work separetes famous people from regular people, you know? And being average is just fine with me but I am a thinker and a romantic who loves to daydream :)