Free NeverMind Android App is Here!


We are very excited that our own app called NeverMind just got published! Check it out on here!
The best part is - everyone, who will download the app, will get a discount code for etsy shop which can be used until the 31th of August. The code has been added today and it will be visible in the app soon.

For all those future long time users of NeverMind app - we will occasionally publish a free print just for fun :) Gotta spread the love and give thanks to our loyal readers - you guys give us so much motivation! Love to see you here :)

So why did we decide to publish an app of our own? 

There was a bunch of reasons for doing this and the first one was simply - Why not?

We love reading news, blogs and scrolling for hours on social media sites on our mobile phones. It was very important for us to make our blog mobile-friendly. We took a step further and developed an app. Well someone made it for us (thanks, love - you are awesome).

We wanted for our shop listings to be more visible and easier to look at, so we added a shop to our app. You can check out our items without any problems there. We will refresh the shop, whenever we add a new listing.

Plus, who doesn´t love a good app?
You can download the app here!


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