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Versatile Blogger Award for NeverMind


A few days ago a talented blogger Halyna Ryfyak nominated us for the Versatile Blogger Award. We are very excited about it and thankful for it, especially because NeverMind has been active for only a few weeks now. So thank you very much!

The Rules:

Thank the person(s) who gave you the nomination.
Include a link to their blog.
Select 15 bloggers to pass the award on to.
Tell the person(s) who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

My Nominees (blogs)

I nominate these great blogs in no particular order - I like all of these, plus I thing these ladies are posting great stuff. I read some of these for great advice, some for great art and some just for plain fun. I also want to add I rather nominated blogs than bloggers by name, because I think that would get them more exposure. I mean all we bloggers care about is our blogs, am I right? (in opposed to our name as a blogger I mean) :)
Amber´s Imaginings
simply davelyn
My Daily Wear
That Little Pale Girl
Mon Entree
The Thirty Something Life
CC Hearts

7 things about N

  1. I love Chocolate! Simple as that.
  2. I am very picky when it comes to....well everything. For example I love chocolate, but not just any chocolate. I have quite a few picked and I tend to stick to those. So adventurous, I know ;)
  3. I am obsessed with TV shows. I get so hooked on them I can go through the whole season in a day or two. Nothing to judge here!
  4. I can´t  choose favourites. Favourite color, season, I just cannot. I love something about everything while I hate something about it aswell. 
  5. My family means the world to me. I love and cherish all of the great memories we´ve had together and I am looking forward to many more great moments in the future.
  6. I love dancing around the house when I am home alone.
  7. I am really, really afraid of snakes. Whenever I see one just on TV I start screaming and have a mini heart attack. It´s not fun :P

7 things about M.

  1. I am obsessed with interior design. Really. I would design people´s perfect homes for a living in a heartbeat.
  2. I love reading detective and romance novel's. Weird combination, right? 
  3. I am a total ENFP person! I did a Myers-Briggs Personality Test and it was spot on! So I am kinda obsessed with Myers-Briggs Personality Type theory and observation. So say hello to a passion-driven ‘idea’ person ;)
  4. When I love a certain song, I will listen to it a 100 times in a row. That´s also weird I guess, but that´s just me. When something speaks to me, it stays for a while. Now I am like that with this song: Jessie J - Flashlight
  5. I love the idea of healthy living in general, eating healthy and exercising every day. I plan on being a perfect 10 at that one day. But still I sometimes eat junk food and skip an exercise when I am not supposed to to. But I am good at being active and mostly healthy. In general.
  6. I love coffee. I love coffee. My home runs on love and COFFEE :) 
  7. I plan on writing a book. That has been my plan since I was like twelve. I was a true book worm, I did a lot of reading at night with a flashlight, when my mom said I have to turn the lights off. Yeah. Stubborn as is fitting for an true Aries.

So that´s us ;)

N & M

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2 komentarji

  1. Thank you so so much for nominating me, it is so lovely <3 loved reading all your facts, you seem really nice.

    Love Charlotte x

    1. You´re welcome. I look forward to reading yours :)