Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Palette


Neutral eye shadows are my favourite and no matter how many I own I find myself buying more. But this purchase was different. I wanted to find a perfect palette for traveling. Small enough to fit in my make-up bag, but versatile enough to offer a few different looks. But for some reason it has been sitting in my make-up storage and I completely forgotten about it till now. Here is why.

The palette consists of beautiful 6 neutral colors with 3 different finishes: matte, shimmery and metallic. There are two light highlighting colors and four brown-ish gray colors. The packaging itself is sleek and sturdy, perfect for traveling. The colors are pigmented, smooth and there is no fallout. Swatching these colors, they appear versatile. 

But here is the truth. I found that the highlighting colors disappear after a few hours of wear, while the others, darker colors just aren´t different enough from each other. On the eyes they appear the same so you can´t really create multiple looks. I think this defeats the purpose of the palette. Instead I can take a single brown eyeshadow and leave more room for other products in my make-up bag.

I had very high hopes for this product. It´s not the worst product out there. I´m sure some of  you will enjoy using this palette but it just wasn´t what I was looking for. If you do happen to like this neutral palette, they offer a few more: All about Nude, All about Sunrise, All about Candies and All about Paradise, with more vibrant and unique colors.

If you tried any of these palettes let me know your thoughts and if you tried more than one, which is your favourite one? Before you leave read last week´s Beauty post and come back next Tuesday for more Beauty talk.


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