A Trip to Lake Bohinj


On Sunday we actually took a little trip to a nearby lake Bohinj. We do not own a car (yet), since we do not need one living in a big city, so we take advantage of the luxury or a car when our family comes to visit. We had a lovely, exhausting and fun day swimming, sunbathing, reading a book (this one was just me), eating sandwiches and simply having fun. It it only an hour and a half drive from where we live and we made a pact we are doing this more often. This is what happens when you realise how much beauty you are truly surrounded by.

Awesome View
Pure Joy /This cutie is my BFs little brother, my partner in crime:)
Goofing off
So lake Bohinj is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia and is a part of Triglavs national park. It is 4.2 kilometres long, one kilometre wide, and forty-five meters deep.  The best thing about it is that there are no cabins or lake houses just by the lake, there are no private beaches (I think - we did not pay anything for spending the day there) and it is very popular for swimming and other water sports. I really want to go kayaking or canoeing here the next time we come by - I haven´t done that for so long. I kinda don´t want to overdo it now when I am pregnant. I mean, I am still running and exercising, but I just needed to chill out a bit today. Lake Bohinj is a very clean lake with crystal-clear, blue-green water and not crowded. It was a very calm and peaceful Sunday.

Crystal-Clear Blue-Green Water 
Another Great Photo 
I did a little research and you can do all kinds of stuff there - there are a bunch of water sports, hiking, horseback riding, adventure sports, climbing, paragliding, biking, fishing, wellness and so much more. This is not a review, I just loved it there so much :)
We also wanted to visit lake Bled the same day, since it is only half an hour away, but we got caught up in having too much fun here. That is the plan for another time (we already visited Bled, so we were fine with not going there today). I mean, I will not lie, I had my heart set on delicious ice cream or vanilla cream pastry from Bled, but that's fine. What can you do, right? I just have to make my piece with the chocolate donuts I got instead :)

In all, it was a great and fun day!


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