Summer Bucket List Freebie


Summer is my favourite season of all!! Nothing can beat laying on the beach, sipping cold drinks with little umbrellas, having water balloon fights, attending bonfires, eating fresh fruit and just feeling alive. For this occasion I made my own Summer Bucket List! You guys can get your own freebie by clicking on MY SUMMER TO DO LIST.

A lot of my best memories have occurred during the summer - sleepovers, camping without my parents, dancing and partying, first romances, swimming at night, going on road trips with friends, music festivals and adventures in general. Summer gives me the feeling of freedom, even though I am already a grown up. It is the feeling that lasts, a mix of excitement and nostalgia. Awesome stuff.  So here is what I am planning on doing this summer.

What about you? If you give me an awesome idea, I will steal it from you and add it on my summer bucket list :) More cool ideas, the better.

I wish you the best summer and I would love to see your summer to do lists, if you have one. Or even better - get your freebie, write down your own list and send me your version of Summer To Do List. I would be thrilled to get one :)


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2 komentarji

  1. What a great bucket list! I love the summer!


    1. Thanks, fingers crossed that all gets done. Have a great summer! ;)