Pregnancy TO-DO list - First Trimester


I am a first time mom and I am enjoying this process of getting everything ready for my little cutie, before he arrives. Here is the thing: every single thing I do, I research it first - I guess here is where my Journalist side comes out :) So I am well ahead of everything information wise - I have my pregnancy and baby lists prepared. I decided to make a list for each trimester which will help you get everything in order for your little munchkin´s arrival. Keep in mind that a few of things on this list can be mixed up - for example you can choose the name at the beginning or even after you have your baby. Also, if you are not a first time mom - add preparing your kid for the baby´s arrival during the whole pregnancy, get him involved in the fun process. Some of this things are not time specific but they have to get done.

First Trimester

You just found out you are expecting - man, what a happy, joyful feeling! Then the anxiety kicks in: "Will I be good enough? What should I do now? What is happening?" Something like that, right? Feeling scared (especially if you are a first time mom) is completely normal. It means you are already concerned about you baby's well-being and he is just a little poppy seed. You will do great. Here is what you do. 

1. Arrange your first appointment with your GP or midwife.

This is the first thing you do (after braking the news to baby's daddy, off course). You will probably get an appointment around you 10 - 12 week of pregnancy. You call them and you will figure out together when would that be considering your period calendar. On your first appointment you will get all the important information and they will measure your weight and height, your blood pressure, ask about your lifestyle, take a blood test and give you all the general information about being healthy during your pregnancy. With my first appointment they also did an ultrasound so I got to see my baby .

2. Start taking prenatal vitamins - folid acid.

Folic acid is an essential nutrient that protects your baby against brain and spinal cord problems. You need a 400 microgram supplement of folic acid (vitamin B9). You can also take a other vitamins, but keep in mind those do not supplement a balanced diet.

3. Follow these rules:

If you are smoking, stop. 
If you drink, stop. 
Cut down on caffeine.

4. Learn what to eat and what not to eat.

There are a few rules about eating during pregnancy and some foods to avoid. Also, different kinds of food will make you feel sick if you are experiences morning sickness. Learn what to eat to make you feel better.

5. Learn the danger signs of pregnancy. 

There are some symptoms of pregnancy problems you should never ignore - like heavy cramps or bleeding. If you are having those, call your GP or midwife.

6. Be cautious.

Pregnancy is not an illness, you can do pretty much everything you did before, but do it with caution. Do not lift very heavy things, do not exercise excessively, take time to rest. Just be safe with everything you do.

7. Make a baby budget.

What things will you need to buy before the baby gets here and what kind of bills will you have to pay. What will the baby need and how much can you spend on those essential things. If you are having money problems or just want to save a bit of money, buy used things on flee markets, from your mommy friends or though adds. A few baby items are used for only a very short time and they are practically new (maybe even unused) even if you buy them used, because babies grow so fast. 

7.1. Look for FREEBIES in your area and support for new parents. 

You can get a bunch of free diapers, baby toys, bottles, and so much more just looking trough freebie sites and coupons. 

7.2. Make a baby registry

so that your friends and family wont buy you stuff you don´t want or need. Let them know what you need, because you are getting something regardless - it better be something you like.

8. Start taking bump photos and make a diary of your pregnancy. 

Download a cool app (like Baby Bump - where you can also follow your baby´s weekly development) and keep a progress diary of your pregnancy. It is awesome to read and look at the things you have been trough and one day, your baby will read trough this with excitement. I write letters to my baby every once in a while so that someday he will know how loved and wanted he was. I mean, why not - better safe than sorry, right? 

9. Buy a maternity bra and clothes.

I haven´t done that yet (and I am already in my second trimester - I am not showing that much yet and all of my clothes still fit) but I will buying at least a maternity bra soon. 

10. Announce your pregnancy to your family and friends!

This one is pretty special - sharing a happy news like his with people you love will be awesome. My mother and mother in law cried, they were so happy. I got a lot of happy faces, laughs and hugs when announcing this pregnancy. Awesome stuff.

11. Think about if you want to find out the sex of your baby or not. Have a talk with your partner.

We found out at 12 weeks that our baby is a boy, when we had our nuchal translucency appointment, which we payed for ourselves. It was very important to us to know our baby is developing correctly and this appointment is kinda important in our country - for as long as I know, every pregnant women I know went to this ultrasound.

12. Learn about your antenatal appointments during your pregnancy.

Ask questions like "How much ultrasounds are you getting, what will they be checking at which appointment, what is important and what is optional" and so on. It is always best to know what to expect - right? With my pregnancy I had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks, my nuchal translucency and hormone testing at 12 weeks, I am getting another ultrasound at 22 weeks and one more at about 32 weeks. This is it for me as far as I know. But if you will be having any kind of problems, you are getting more ultrasounds.

13. Massage your belly with lotion or coconut oil to help preventing stretch marks.

Massaging you belly with a good lotion or oil can help preventing or healing stretch marks. In all reality, nothing can prevent stretch marks if your skin is prone to them. You can try though. Also, drink a lot of water, hydrated skin is less likely to develop stretch marks.

Next Thursday I am posting a TO-DO list for second trimester and the one after that a TO-Do list for the third trimester! With that last one I will make you a FREEBIE Ultimate TO-DO List During Your Whole Pregnancy! 

I will make sure to post more lists and a whole bunch of pregnancy tips and things I am loving for my baby and me in next few months (like what to pack in a hospital bag, newborn essentials, baby shower tips, nursery ideas and much more), so visit my blog on Thursday's for pregnancy & baby content. Sometimes I will write about general health stuff though.


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