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Writing about beauty products is usually not my thing - my sister writes about makeup and cosmetics. I am more of a sporty, artistic girl, who doesn´t care much about cosmetics. I love looking and feeling beautiful, but I am not one for shopping for makeup products. I already own what I love and I am not changing that easily.

Over the past few years we have been getting a lot of different information about healthy living and how using all natural healthy products is the way to live. I was always interested in healthy lifestyle and loved the idea of it, but also adored a lot of unhealthy foods and habits. I so took years for me to get where I am today. I love sports, I always have, I am a runner and I love delicious food. My fitness habits are good, but I love ice cream, sweets and other unhealthy food - so I learned to make them in a healthier version. But I still enjoy the unhealthy versions every once in a while. What I truly learned about healthy living trough the years is that having balance between healthy choices and enjoying in occasional not so healthy cravings is the best way to live. Sacrificing everything that you love cannot be healthy in any way, am I right? So here I am, making choices one day at a time and loving it. I am like that with all of my choices, which includes beauty related ones.

In my twenties I started worrying about the health and beauty of my skin. I have never had problems with my skin before, so I never give much attention to which products I am using and what would benefit my skin. Then one day my skin just started to get irritated over night. I was confused and started to research different skin types and products. I figured out I have dry skin and the best products for me are all natural cosmetics. A lot of other products have been giving me skin irritation and I felt awful. Well since then I have tried number of different products and I have found a few that work wonders form my skin. Taking good care of your skin will prevent premature ageing, I mean who would want wrinkles before 30 or 35 if there are ways to prevent that? OK, not prevent, but slow down the process of ageing. I mean, I am all for ageing gracefully, but why not help your skin to look great and young for longer period of time, if you can. Also, I am in first trimester of my pregnancy (feeling blessed and so happy it is ridiculous) and I am even more concerned about what kind of products I am using. I really don´t want to use products with ingredients I cannot even pronounce, since your skin absorbs these unknown ingredients. The newest edition of my natural cosmetics are Herbio products.
The first product my eyes were drawn to was Herbio Invigorating Facial Mask. In my teen years I was obsessed with facial masks, always making different ones at home (with avocado, eggs, honey, yogurt – you name it). I am all over the process of making a huge mess for 10 minutes of bliss, so I rather buy one. Herbio invigorating facial mask is great for my dry skin, because of its moisturising effect. It is suitable for all skin types otherwise. The facial mask contains extract of ivy, menthol, bio hyaluronic acid and panthenol. So if you hate the smell of menthol, you will not be the biggest fan of this facial mask – but it is really not strong, i swear. I am not a fan and I do not hate the smell, it gives me a sense of freshness. I give Herbio Invigorating Facial Mask all points (with a small minus, because I love fruit and not herbal scents - but you cannot expect excellent effects of herbs from a fruit mask). Its attractive packaging is sufficiently large (50ml) so it lasts for a longer period of time.
The next item in my shopping basket was Herbio Vitamin Cleansing Milk, which is a necessity in every woman's beauty routine. I take my morning and evening skin routine seriously - I rinse my face with water or cleansing milk. Description says that this mild, creamy cleanser is meant for normal to dry sensitive skin. My skin falls into this category, though it is not really that sensitive.  It does what every other cleansing milk does - opens up and cleans clogged pores, thoroughly removes dirt, sebum and makeup and also improves the skins structure and elasticity. So far I had tried many different brands of cleansing milk and I was disappointed a lot, because they give me irritation and my skin kind of stings after use. For a while I was using pure almond oil instead of cleansing milk and I was satisfied. Also, my mom was buying that for us and who doesn´t like free products, right? Now I am using Herbio Vitamin Cleansing Milk that suits me - the skin is not irritated, it does not sting or itch. Also, every night I fall asleep hopeful that vitamins will make my skin look perfect overnight. Herbio Vitamin Cleansing Milk contains grape seed oil, moisturising skin care complex gel of Aloe Vera, vitamin A and E. A simple reminder: for beautiful skin you need to provide a sufficient intake of vitamins in your body, not only on your skin. Cosmetics does not work wonders.
Herbio Body Scrub With Sea Salt is one I really wanted to try out during summer season. I already said I never had any real problems with my skin, so I have not used body scrubs that often. I made a coffee and sugar body scrub at home a few times and I liked the feeling after the use. My skin felt a little irritated, but very soft after a few hours. I had high hopes for Herbio Body Scrub and it did not fail me. The herbal oil, which is one of the ingredients of this body scrub makes my skin feel very soft. The product description says that oil exfoliation with sea salt crystals effectively removes dead cells on the skin and stimulates circulation. Because of the jojoba oil and sea fennel extract the skin after usage is silky, soft and healthy looking. It is all true. But as I said, I haven´t got a lot of experiences with body scrub, so I have nothing to compare it to. Just saying.
I love Shea Butter, I just do. I have been using it for years (ever since I started to care about my skin products - so like 5 years now). Shea butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and that is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production.
Shea Butter is great for: dry skin, skin rash, skin peeling after tanning, blemishes, wrinkles, itching skin, for use as shaving cream, small skin wounds, skin cracks, rough skin on feet, in cold weather, for frost bites, stretch marks prevention, insect bites, healthy skin, muscle fatigue, aches, tension, before and after exercise, skin allergies,, eczema, dermatitis, skin burns.. The important thing is that all Shea butters are not equally effective, so be careful on which one you buy. Just look for one that is: raw/unrefined, unbleached, organic and Grade A. In all I love Herbio Shea Butter! I use it more often now, because of my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.
Herbio Herbal Darkening Oil is the one I was thinking about using a lot. I have olive skin so I tan quickly and I have no need for darkening oil. But I still choose to try Herbio Darkening Oil in the end because I hate sunbathing and I use sunblock, sunglasses and hats outside. I know how damaging sun can be for my skin, so I choose to keep my face well protected when I can. Why would I get wrinkles at a young age, if I don´t have to? So if I am relaxing on the beach and swimming, my body gets really tanned, but my face stays the same. So I used this darkening oil a few times and it works OK. It is not very darkening, just a little. Plus, I am not using it for that purposes anymore - I just love the herbal positive effects it has on my skin. But I avoid using it, because as I said, I tan really quickly. I would buy Herbio Darkening Oil for my mother, who has pale skin and her skin gets all red when sunbathing. This is meant for different type of skin and not mine.

These products do not contain parabens and are not tested on animals, which is awesome. I really like natural cosmeics, so when I will buy something new, I will inform you about my opinion.


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