The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Totally Got Me!


My mind is blown! I am not one to believe in daily horoscope predictions or anything like that and I took this personality test with caution and a good sense of humour. I have no idea why I took it as a joke, because it totally works! I have recognised myself in their description, personality traits and the ways my personality type reacts on certain occurrences/events/moments in life. I have to say I was really impressed so I started reading about Myers-Briggs personality types in general and I am loving it. I even felt a little drive for wanting to research psychology a bit more, since I thought about studying it once. It was only a thought though :)

I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test online here, but you can take on various sites, just google it. When I started reading my results, I thought that it is probably written in a general way (so a lot of different people can relate to it), but it is really not. I have read all of the 16 personality types and I could not be anything else. It is just to specific about certain things about my personality. I am a ENFT, which stands for Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving. I will not be boring you with theory about his topic (as you can look it up) so I am only writing about things that fascinate me, the results. So I am both an "idea"-person and "people"-person, which is spot on. I also like to tell funny stories and am supposedly attracted to journalism - am I? I am a Journalist by occupation! I also have what some call a "silly switch" - I can become a fun mastermind in a second! I also get bored 500 times easier as others - so true. My poor parents - raising me was hard sometimes I guess - I remember being bored constantly when we were out doing something or just hanging out with family and friends. My ability to sit still is practically non existent, I am either doing something fun and challenging physically or plotting about a new idea I just came up with. All true, people :)

Since I got a little obsessed with this topic (it will blow over quickly, just like other things in life I guess), I started reading THOUGHT CATALOG, especially articles by Heidi Priebe and I am loving her work! I laugh and I truly soak up everything she is writing about. Well, I love that site in general, I read other author's work too. But there was this one article she wrote called 25 Struggles Only ENFPs Will Understand, which made me laugh very hard and because of it I kept on reading. I even sent it over to my best friend and she agreed with me 100% that this is me, no question about it. She laughed so hard when she read this part: "Trying to explain to the people closest to you that yes you love pretty much everyone, but you love them the MOST.", because she remembered about a time when I was a bit tipsy and was trying to explain to her that I love everyone, but I love her the most :) It is hard to explain, because I obviously do not love everyone - it is just that I am OK with everyone. I cannot hate someone for long - I forget about hating them. Then I remember again sometimes, but I really can be in a friendly relationship with everyone. Not a friend but friendly. You get what I am talking about, right? Well, my fellow ENFT´s probably do! So in Heidi´s words I am a walking contradiction in almost every way, but I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I could.

I recommend reading these articles, they are interesting and fun. Well, start reading and then just scroll for more.
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If you get a chance, look into it. If not for anything else, you will have fun while reading your results. Also, let me know which of these personality types are you, I would love to hear about them and if they are right about you.


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