When is the best time to work out?


You may want to lose some weight, get in better shape or maybe just start to live a more healthy lifestyle. First thing you need to do is eliminate junk food from your diet, start eating healthier and choose a sport that suits you. For starters you can go on long walks, jogs or to play basketball with your friends. You can make plans for cardio workouts and strength exercises - whatever it will keep you motivated and always improving. Your question now is - which part of a day is the best time to schedule your workouts?

First thing you need to figure out is when can you actually take time to exercise. You may have a job that starts really early in the morning so there is no point in thinking about an early morning workout session. Maybe you have a long lunch break midday, so that would be a perfect time for you to get some cardio in. Maybe you enjoy evenings with your family, because you do not see them all day long, so do not sacrifice that. You will end up hating your exercise routine and that's just not worth it.  So first of all - keep your daily routine in mind and work around the things you cannot change. 

What does your body clock say? Are you an early bird or an night owl? There is no point in setting you alarm clock to 6 AM if you will jog like a walking zombie, because you are still half asleep. I am a firm believer that when you exercise - you should be all in. I love to test my boundaries and sweat like crazy to get that proud feeling of achievement after a workout. Listen to your body.

Morning Perks

Morning is the best time in a day to keep your work out routine consistent, because your willpower is strong and you will get no unexpected interruptions. Later on you may feel stressed, someone can come by for a visit or your kids can need a little bit extra attention - during the day you just never know. Early in the morning, when the world is still asleep, there are no distractions. Some researches say you may  loose a bit more fat working out on an empty stomach. But I still recommend to eat an energy bar or a banana. 

Midday Energy Boost

You have a long lunch break so you often pass time at a coffee shop and read. You may feel better if you do something beneficial for your health during that time of usual procrastination. Some people have two hour lunch breaks - that is a lot of time to exercise, shower and still eat a healthy lunch. You will feel great for having done so much and enjoy your evening with your friends or family guilt free knowing you got your exercise in. That energy boost after a 40 minute workout will also relieve you from stress and get you pumped up for the rest of the day.

Evening Stress Reliever

Had a long day at work? Feeling sad, angry and overwhelmed? Go for a run and get all of those frustrations out of your body and mind. You will feel better and after a while, you will get used to this routine that will make you healthier and happier in a long run. This is a real thing people :) Researches say this in the best time to work on your muscles - so hit the Gym and do some strength training. Your body is already warmed up, your core temperature is at its highest. Your heart rate and blood pressure are lowest, which in combination improves performance and reduces risk of injury. There is also this other thing with testosterone, which the body produces more of during afternoon resistance training and is important for muscle growth and strength. So that's great for those who want to increase muscle definition.

I am an early bird and I have problems with consistency, so my favourite time to workout is at early mornings. But on some days I still choose to exercise in the evenings. Then I have more energy and I can run for longer distances, which makes me feel great. Make a general plan but still listen your body and change up your routine at times. Stay healthy and do not give up.

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  1. The best part about fitness is depending on your mood and what your body and mind needs, there is something you can do at any hour of the day to get your heart rate up and get a good work out!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. That is very true! It is just that some people need rutine to be consistent with their workouts. Excuses are sometimes much easier.