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Am I the only one who thinks men with flasks who go on fishing trips, logging in forests, climbing mountains or doing other manly things are extremely cool? I don´t mean heavy drinkers, those who drink while doing dangerous stuff, careless men - but those who are courageous, brave, strong in both body and spirit and are responsible with drinking. Those who take a sip after a hard days work and go home to their families. I imagine them with a stainless steel flask inside their blazer pocket rocking the image of a real old school manly man (but a real cuddly bear inside - talk about imagination, huh?).

But I really disapprove everyday drinking in general, this is something I have to state. I do not judge, I have had my share of parties until this point in my life. I knew people with drinking problems and I know what alcohol can do to relationships, families, friends, jobs, life. It can be extremely destroying. A drink here and there is not a problem, it can be a happy occasion, But if you cannot drink responsibly, you better stay away from alcohol. Now when we got that out of the way, I also have to state that I am not drinking alcohol or will I, because I am pregnant and also my lifestyle has changed a lot. My family does not drink - we enjoy occasional beer here and there and that's it. But I think SWIG HIP Flasks are extremely cool and I know this is a great present for my soon to be husband as we become parents. He enjoys gong on fishing trips and I can see him totally rocking this flask, 1/2 filled with Scotch whisky and looking fine :)

When guys from HIP SWIG Flask reached out to me and asked if I would test out their flask, I was thinking about the image this would gave my blog, as we do not promote drinking. But then I thought about all of the men in my life and how they live their lives. They enjoy their occasional drink and that is just fine with me, so why not do the review? This is an honest blog, after all. I really like SWIG web page and what they are all about. When you buy/get your SWIG HIP Flask, you get a SWIG® Flask Number, which you can claim and be a part of SWIG Society. You will then get an invitation to the annual party for SWIG® Society members (Upcoming: Monthly SWIG® whisky refills).and get a free 'SWIG® Society' pouch. So aside from being included in their cool "society" you are a proud owner of a awesome flask. When we got ours in the mail, I was surprised by how great the packaging was. It is a gift prepared to be given to someone you love and will appreciate it. These flask are marketed as luxury and have a price tag that fits - but not nearly as much as you would think. You can choose among lots of tweed pouches, leather ones or simply get a naked one. Whichever you prefer.
I was surprised by how heavy it is, when I first took the flask in my hands. I have never held a quality flask before - my grandpa has a cheap one (and he doesn´t even drink from it) and it is very light so I kinda compared it to that one. I did not drink alcohol from it (duh) but I offered it to a few of my family members and friends (and got some funny stares as in why does a pregnant woman carry around an alcohol flask) and they though is is a really cool product to have. A lot of them wouldn´t spend money on this flask but would love to receive it as a gift. Funny how cheap are we when it comes to ourselves, but we wouldn´t mind spending money on someone else.Why wouldn´t you get one for yourself if you want one? It got me thinking on how much stuff I refuse to buy for myself even though I want them so bad.
It is very beautifully made and its elegance would be a great reminder of a special day - if you give it to someone on graduation day, wedding, retirement.. You can choose the engraving option and personalise it for someone special.
I got a naked flask and I am getting a Black Executive pouch to go with (which my boyfriend likes) but I really like the tweed ones. They are just too cool. Well, I already gave the flask away as a gift to my boyfriend. We found out we are expecting a baby and I figured this would be a great gift for him as he becomes a father and I was right (he just received it a bit early). It is still empty, because we are not drinkers, but it will be used on fishing trips and guy nights.

I recommend checking out SWIG HIP Flask web page - and while you are there, read their story on how the company was established. A cool story about not giving up (when a lot of people would have), which makes them even more awesome.

Full Disclaimer: I received SWIG HIP Flask for free and I was not paid for this review. My thoughts are only my own.

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  1. This is very cool! I've seen some great reviews for these before, they look like awesome products. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Kiki

    1. Thank you! I was very excited, when they contacted me - I love great quality products, especially if they are as cool as this one :)

  2. OMG That is so cool!!!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away Blog