Grow Your Own Balcony Herb Garden


Living in a big city is perfect for people with a great desire for adventure, thirst for numerous events to choose from and wish to get lost and unnoticed in a crowd full of people. Diverse characters, wide selection of culinary specialities and countless opportunities for leisure have their own charm. On the other hand, residents lack access to a large garden, a meadow full of flowers and herbs and hidden corners of nature. No worriers, you can create a little oasis of your own on your home balcony. Plant a herb garden and bring a little country in your life.

Why plant a herb garden?

The possibility to pick the right fresh herb while making your dinner in the luxury of your own home  is truly awesome. You simply walk to your balcony, choose the right herb and make every dish taste even better. This is how worlds best chefs cook.
Herbs are useful throughout the year and have many positive health benefits.


Herbs have a distinctive odour, which makes them easily identifiable. Aromas of many herbs have certain healing and soothing effects, which is why they are ideal for preparation of aromatic oils. Aromas of certain herbs also chase away insects, which is a plus for you own little outdoor space.


A great selection of herbs is indispensable in a flat of every culinary enthusiast. Using herbs that you grew yourself will give you a feel of pride.


While preparing a great meal, dessert or a refreshing drink you are only a few steps away from you stock of flavourings.

The savings

You can spent a small fortune for dried herbs that will last you for a year. If you plant your own herb garden, you will save money and have fresh herbs to choose from. You can also dry your herbs and give then as a gift to your family and friends.

Easy maintenance

Herbs require minimal care and are safe from insects, because of their own aroma. They just need a little water and sun.

The healing effects

Herbs have many healing properties, so you'll have your own little natural pharmacy on your home balcony.

Which herbs?

Choose herbs that you are familiar with, such as parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, lavender, rosemary and mint. Consider how each herb is used and do research what would benefit you personally. Maybe you will want herbs that have good effect on your digestion, perhaps you would like to make your own home cosmetics for lips or body or something else, the choice is entirely yours.

Everything you need to do now is choose the perfect pots, that will fit in the space on your balcony, plant and enjoy the benefits!


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