10 Myths About Healthy Living During Pregnancy


Finding out about your pregnancy is (usually) a happy occasion and a very exciting time for expecting parents. We all heard a bunch of pregnancy do´s and dont´s and now you may be wondering about what you should really be careful with. The way I see it, everyone has a different pregnancy experience and you should listen to your body to figure out what is good for you. There are still some common rules on how to live in a healthy way during pregnancy.

 For example, they say morning sickness lasts for a few months in your first trimester. I felt it during my second month of my pregnancy all day long. So I was not feeling sick only in the morning time, but all day long. It should be called shortly lived daily sickness in my case :) Some women don´t experience morning sickness at all and some feel it during their whole pregnancy. There is no rule on how you are going to feel during your pregnancy, but as I said, there are some general experiences that most women share - like feeling tired, moody, having sore breasts, constant hunger and cravings,. Here are 10 myths about pregnancy that I researched, experienced and talked with my doctor about, to clear up your concerns.

You Should Eat For Two

False. Growing a baby inside of you does not mean you need to consume two adult portions of food at every meal. There is no extra scoops for you just because you are pregnant. During your first trimester you don´t need to increase your calorie intake, during your second trimester you should consume 300 calories more a day and during your third month about 450 calories more a day. It really comes down to a glass of whole milk or half of a sandwich which is enough extra food a day. Gaining too much weight can be as unhealthy as not gaining none.

Decaf Only

False. One small cup of coffee a day is perfectly fine. You should definitely avoid large amounts of caffeine (more cups of coffee, energy drinks), but it is fine in moderation. No harm done. My doctor told me that it would be a bigger risk for me to completely stop drinking caffeine, if my body is used to high dosages a day, than rather just enjoy a cup of coffee.

No Alcohol

True. Two or more alcoholic drinks daily can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. But you can still toast with a glass of bubbly if you go to a wedding or enjoy an occasional glass of vine with your dinner. Once in a month maybe, but it is still best to cut out alcohol completely.

No Cheese

False. You do not have to cut out cheese completely, at least not all kinds of cheese. Avoid the soft, unpasteurised products like Brie, feta, and goat cheese that might carry food-borne illnesses. But you can still enjoy your Cheddar or Swiss with crackers.

No Seafood

False. The smell of seafood may make you feel sick, but it is not harmful for your baby. You should avoid raw fish, because of the bad kind of bacteria you can ingest with it. Enjoy cooked seafood without feeling worried. If you are concerned about mercury levels in fish, choose the ones with lower mercury levels, like salmon, shrimp, and tilapia. On the other hand swordfish and tilefish have the highest levels of mercury and they should be skipped. It is all about moderation though - eat tuna once a week and not daily.

Skip the Exercise

False. Mild exercise is very good for you and your baby. It will keep you fit, healthy and make you more in control of your weight gain during your pregnancy. Being fit will make your labour and birth of your baby easier. My doctor said that if I was active before, I can continue to stay active during my pregnancy (I am a runner), but not over do it. If I feel tired, I should listen to my body and take it easy. If you are not used to working out, you should not start training for a half marathon about now. But low-impact workouts will be great for you and your baby. Avoid contact sports and exercise that involve you lying on your back (which reduces blood flow to you brain and uterus). If you are not sure about which workouts to pick, talk to your doctor. If you have a high risk pregnancy you cannot do any of the workouts anyway.

No Dying Your Hair

False. Chemicals that are absorbed trough your skin with hair dye are so minimal, they are not harmful for the fetus. You hair will change during your pregnancy though and the products that worked well before, may not do the same now. You may feel sick because of the fumes, in which case you should hold off on hair treatments during your first trimester. It is up to you.

No Hot Baths

True. You should avoid saunas or anything that raises your body temperature over 38 degrees Celsius. If the water is too hot, you get overheated and that increases your heart rate, reduces blood flow to your baby, and potentially puts your baby under stress.

No Flying

False. If you are healthy, you can fly whenever you want, it is not harmful for your baby. The kind of radiation you're exposed to doesn't have much penetration into the body, so your baby will be just fine. Some airlines won´t let you go on a plane during your last trimester, but that is mainly because they fear you will get into labour and they will have to land early - as I read somewhere. For me, I would rather nor fly during my last trimester, because I would have the same fear. I would rather give birth in a hospital than miles about the earth.

No Sex

False. You can have sex during your pregnancy, it will not harm your baby at all. You should be concerned about sexually transmitted infections - pregnancy doesn't protect against that. Keep in mind, that sexually transmitted infections can be transmitted to your baby. Use protection if you are not sure about your partner. It is a hard thing to think about if you are expecting a child together, but is is a valid concern.

Enjoy this beautiful time in your life and stay healthy.


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