My First Job and tips on how to survive a crappy one


I always appreciate good suggestions for my blog posts and I was very happy when The Ladders introduced me to an writing prompt about first job experiences. It was a fun time in my life, I was still in high school and I love all of the anecdotes I can talk about now because of my job back then. I think everyone has a cute or funny story about the time they have entered the workforce for the first time.

 I will also give you a few tips on how to survive a crappy job you might have or will have in the future. I think most people get trough a few crappy jobs before they land their perfect one, because of the learning process, experiences and general life lessons. It is all good - you have to learn what you want from your job and how hard are you willing to work for your lifestyle. It is all about you - I cannot tell you doing which job you will feel fulfilled and happy at. Figuring out your own path is the beauty of life.

I wanted to get a job when I was 14, but I could not get one until I turned 15. Or was it 16? No, I think 15 is the age limit.. We were struggling at home and it was hard to live in a single parent family. During one winter we were sleeping in our living room near the fireplace, because we had no heating in our house. It was hard for us kids, but I cannot imagine how my mom must have suffered at that time. I could cry if I think about how sad and alone she must have felt. We had a few great family and friends that helped out a lot, but we never really asked for help. I still believe most of them still don´t know how hard it really was for us. At times I was showering with cold water in the winter, because I had no time to get to my grandmas apartment to get a shower. It got a little annoying driving back and forth and I just suffered trough it. I want to take a moment to thank my awesome mother who is the strongest women I know! If I will be half that strong of a person one day, I will be just fine. OK, whatever the circumstances were, I really wanted a job. So I got one at our local cultural centre, where I was hanging coats and greeting people when they came to see a show. It is like a theatre, concert hall, movies - all in one. So I was a hostess and I got a few pocket money out of it and I got to see a lot of different shows, concerts for free :D This was the best part - I could watch the performance or relaxed with my friends drinking coffee while waiting for the show to end. A cool first job I would say - although the paycheck was so bad, you wouldn´t believe it.
I got sick of hamburgers quickly :)
So for my second first job (a more real job) I was flipping burgers, making hot dog, selling drinks and ice cream at a local burger place. A really small place, where I was all alone for everything - I opened up, cleaned the place, prepared the vegetables, supplies, turned on the radio, handled the register, and closed at 10 PM at night or midnight at weekends. My ex came by a lot to help me close the place up, which was very kind from him. It was hard work, I had a lot of drunk customers, but also a lot of kind ones. I learnt a lot during working there and I stayed for two years (with breaks because I was finishing high school). I earned enough to go on my high school vacation to Greece (the best vacation of my life), get my drivers licence (my mom payed for half), to buy myself new clothes, give my bedroom a nice "young adult" makeover, pay for a three days long vacation for my moms birthday, buy myself a few collage necessities and spent the rest on coffee breaks and parties with friends. In all, a great time of my life. During that time I learnt that this is not the job for me, that I would rather work in writing, journalism, design or art. I am more of an artistic free spirit person, who hates routine and I would be unhappy doing something like that. But I also learnt that I am a strong and capable person, who can take care of her self. 

Since the time I have had my first job, 10 years have gone by. At 25 I still don´t have a perfect job for me, but I am getting there. I am writing, designing, painting, making art and loving life. Someday it will all pay off, I am a firm believer that life gives you what you can handle. 

So how will you survive a crappy job? 

I say go with the flow. Do what you are supposed to, learn and don´t feel sorry for yourself. Don´t look at the clock all the time, waiting for your shift to be over. Do not stress about how little money you are making. Do not get involved in fights and confrontations, if you can avoid them. Do nor slack off. Make new friends, enlarge your circle of acquittance's, seek new career opportunities. Make the most out of the experience, because you can take something good out of it. When you have really had enough, just quit. Go after what you really want. Seek new career opportunities.

How was your first job experience like?


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  1. This is a great post. Sorry to hear that things were so hard for you growing up. I'm a single parent, and we do not struggle for heat in the winter, but I do have struggles in raising my two little ones (ages 3 and 5) and providing other basic necessities for them. I also feel alone a lot, despite having people that I *can* ask for help from. There is partial embarrassment, partial pride, and partial determination on wanting to make it work without help.

    My first job when I was a teenager was at a small local wrap/sandwich shop, and it really wasn't that crappy. It was a great learning experience for me in terms of teamwork, customer service, and a LOT of culinary skills that I still use today. My boss was pretty cool, and my coworkers- all older of course- were all women that knew I looked up to and acted according to that knowledge. I guess I lucked out in that.

    I've certainly had my share of crappy jobs, though (telemarketing, waitressing, etc...)

    Great post :) It's nice to hear personal experiences.


    1. Thank you for saying that! I agree, pride is a huge part of not asking for help – you need to feel like you can handle it on your own. I get that. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling, but you have to know you are the strongest person those kids will ever know. I feel so much respect for my mother because of our experience. It made me a better person, so think about that next time you will feel lonely. You are their superhero and will become an even bigger one, when they realise how hard life really is.

      Seems like you had a great first job experience. Maybe you had a positive attitude at work which made your first job great. :)