What is In the MAKEUP BAG of a makeup NON-fanatic?


I refuse to wake up an hour early to have a long morning routine. I am too lazy for that, I rather hit snooze and sleep in. But I do like my makeup products and I love the feeling when I am all dolled up for a special occasion. Every once in a while, off course.

The thing is I am not a huge fan of makeup and I do not wear it every day. Not even every week, maybe like once a week. Or less. I wouldn´t even have a MAKEUP BAG, if I haven´t received it as a gift. I know my sister´s makeup bag is the total opposite, so come by next Tuesday and you can read all about it!

So here is what you would find in a makeup bag of a girl, who isn´t really into makeup in general.
I am a very loyal customer of makeup products in a way that when I find something that I like and it sooths my skin, I keep using it. I do not try a lot of different product - what works usually stays. I am very grateful for that and I not really need makeup in sense of covering acne or spots.
A few years ago I had a skin test done at my local pharmacy shop and it turned out I have dry skin. They recommended La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense UVh which is ideal for women with dehydrated skin prone to dryness and sensitivity. I also buy La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water which soothes my skin instantly and I love it. You know that feeling of skin tightness on your face when you get out of the shower - it makes that feeling go away in an instant and it sooths your skin. For the area around my eyes I use La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes. I use them every morning after rinsing my face off with cold water, off course.

Some days I use black or brown eyeliner and mascara. That is it. I love smokey eyes and I do not overdo it.
Now here are the makeup products I don´t use very day, but still think they are awesome. I love my rich treatment foundation from ARTDECO and it is the only one I use. I do not own any other foundation, face powder or anything else. My knowledge about foundations ends here. I feel like a bad girl or something, I should know more about makeup.

I paint my nails every three months I think and then I have the nail polish on until it doesn´t come off on its own - a very bad habit of mine. To be lazy with my nails. Feeling bad again..

I ADORE this red lipstick from REVLON. It it the only one I have and I have to say, I really won when I bought it. My sister loves it too and we cannot find another one like this for a year now. I feel proud :)
MAC, MAC, MAC is my absolute favourite! My sister is the culprit who made me obsessed with their Cosmetics! I searched the perfect eye shadow and blush for me for weeks. After revising about 40 forums and blogs, I decided on two eye shadows which are the perfect shades for women with dark brown hair and brown/green eyes - Sumptuous olive and Woodwinked. I have no other eye shadow in my makeup purse! I love the green one a bit more, though. It applies evenly and blends well and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

I really wanted to have a good blush for years but I haven´t found the right one for a long time. I love natural look, and I always thought that blushes make you look fancy or something. I wasn´t exactly a girly girl growing up, I was more into sports and art. But I do like to look pretty with makeup every once in a while - so I chose the mineralized blush called Warm Soul (which is mid tone beige with gold pearl) and it is perfect for me.  It is very long lasting, it warms up the skin tone and makes my cheeks look radiant :)

My makeup bag and routine is very low maintenance and I like it like that. I love the natural look and plan to stick by it most of the time. I love running, aerobics and other sports and you can´t have makeup with that, now can you? :)


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