You Complete Me! and Other Lies About Soul Mates


Obsession with finding the right person, a so-called soul mate has been passed down for generations in books and romance poetry. But people didn´t seem to be so hot headed when it came to love in the past. There have been a lot of legends about true love, but people did not seek for the right person for so many years while changing their mind every other weekend. Do we live in a Hollywood-romance-movies-inspired world?

The most important question of all is - do soul mates even exist? What does the word soul mate even represent?

A soul mate is the other part of you, like the other part of a two-pieced puzzle. Also, it has been told that you two have been present in your previous lives and you feel a deep connection between you two, sometimes even get flashbacks about the supposed past lives history. It is you two against the world and you cannot imagine living life without one another. Your love is beyond words. Sounds perfect and really appealing, right? The sense of never feeling alone and security in love. But is all sounds borderline obsessive to me. I love the idea of soul mates, but I seriously doubt it can hold up in today's world. No one belongs to nobody and we are trying hard to make that known. We are individuals and free and trying to think of our needs first. We became self centred, because we were brought up that way. The world needs more kindness and that is why I am writing about love today.

There are different types of people when it comes to romance, relationships and finding the one. Some need a bit more attention than others but life can be hard sometimes with anyone you choose in the end. People are different and flawed, so it really comes down to whose flaws are you fine dealing with. Who is worth the troubles at that time in your life when you are ready to settle down. Here are a few types of people I came a cross of in life. I am not naming any one of them normal, because lets face it - what is even normal these days?!


"You will go nowhere without me, wherever you are, I will be there. We are one."


"You should delete everyone from your Facebook page and life, obviously. You should run to the moon and back for me. If I call, you have to pick up."

Telenovella Enthusiast - a.k.a. People Who Need Drama

"You beat up my boyfriend and leave your pregnant girlfriend for me and never speak to your crazy family again while we live on our ranch in the middle of nowhere." Yeah..


"I am awesome and whoever gets me, should be the happiest person alive."


"I love who I am and I love who you are. We both have issues and make mistakes but we are there for each other."

Still Deciding

"I love you and want to be with you. Sorry, today I feel like I have to move on. But tomorrow I will miss you and want you back. Then again not so much."

Layed Back

"If we are together, it is fine, If not, I will find someone else. Also fine."

Not interested

"You are not good enough for me. I mean, you are great as a friend and we did have a lot of fun but this is not it." It never is.

This is based on only my observation, I am not making some extensive research on this topic. These are normal people with normal lives and different relationships. No relationship is the same, you just have to find the one, who works for you. What are you desires, your hopes? Does your significant other respect that and Honor it? Then it could be a head-over-heals-forever-together kind of love. Because someone not respecting you - is not the result of love.


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