Beauty: CORAL Edition


I normally don´t really enjoy orange color, but when it comes to beauty products I find it really suits my skin tone. While wearing coral blush I have been told I´m looking younger and healthier, wearing coral nail polish makes me feel happier. Through the years it became my favourite beauty shade to use especially in the hot summer days. Today I´m going to show you my fave beauty products in coral shades, weather it is the actual product or the packaging. This is beauty: CORAL edition.

The best and most apparent way to add a little coral in your life is with blush off course. My all time favourite is Mac´s Sheertone blush in the shade Peaches. It might seem like a crazy color for some of you. The catch is, you need to use it in moderation. Just a tint of coral on your cheeks will make them pop and make you look alive and young. Don´t overdo it, that will create the opposite effect.

Next up is for the lazy days or for the days when you are in a rush to get out the door. Using a colorful lipstick can give an illusion you put way more effort in your look than you actually did. Which is perfect for summer when we don´t really feel like wearing the whole face of makeup. A bit of tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, colorful lipstick and voila! You are out the door. But adding a coral shade will make your beauty effortless and natural looking. My most used lipstick is Mac´s Shy Girl. It is your basic nude lipstick with a hint of orange. Another great choice is a bit more vibrant Ravishing, for all you brave ladies.

Mac Shy Girl(Left) and Mac Ravishing(Right)
Another way to use more color is by adding a colorful nail polish. At the moment, Rimmel´s Tangy Tangerine has been the one I keep running back to. Light, pastel coral is soft  and elegant enough to go with any of my looks, yet bright enough to scream summer. That´s a perfect shade of nail polish in my book.

The last two products have orange packaging, but still qualify to be on this list. First up, the foundation. Even though Rimmel´s Wake me up Foundation is a bit too dewy and dark for me it is still my favourite and top choice for the summer. I usually mix it up with other foundations to create desirable look.

And then there is the last, but smelling the best, Beyonce Heat Rush perfume. It has become my signature scent. I love the fruity smell of it. It smells sweet and young and I can´t get enough of it.

Is coral your summer shade? How do you incorporate it in your daily makeup looks?
On Tuesdays we talk about beauty, so be sure to come back next week. Until then, have a blast!


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  1. I love coral! I have several different coral blushes, lipstick, and nail polishes. Coral is my go-to color!
    Classy Country Girl

    1. Me too! Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day. Nina