5 Things You Need to Make a Part of Your Beauty Routine


Every girl goes through trial and error when it comes to make-up and it´s o so scary to try new things and venture in the unknown when there are so much products and brands on the market. When I first started wearing make-up I remember thinking I would never wear a blush, because I hate my red cheeks and I could never understand why girls put on a highlighter, when their skin is already oily. If you´re reading this and thinking to yourself ˝That´s what I said!˝ I´m here to tell you we were both wrong! Let´s look into 5 things you need to make a part of your beauty routine, today.

1. Always apply primer

I use to think it´a an unnecessary step that will not only NOT help my oily skin but also make my foundation look cakey. Trick is finding the one that suits your skin type. I have been using Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base for a while now and I can say it really works. I find it diminishes my pores and leaves my skin smooth and matte. The foundation just glides on and it leaves my skin looking, for the lack of a better word, flawless. I will not lie to you, this will not mattify you skin for the whole day if you have really oily skin like me, but it will help tremendously.
Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base

2. Mix Foundations to suit your preference

I don´t know about you, but no matter how hard I try I can never find the perfect foundation. It´s either too light, dark, sheer,... Also it is impossible to wear the same foundation shade throughout the year. So before you throw it away or walk around with 3 shades lighter foundation, try mixing foundations together. This way you can create a perfect shade, texture and coverage foundation for any season and occasion. My favourite mix at the moment is Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation in 201-Classic Beige (Dewy and darker) and Catrice All Matt plus in 010-Light Beige (lighter with matte finish and thicker)
Catrice All Matt plus (left) and Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation (right)

3. Before you use mascara, curl your lashes

I have been dreading this scary little device that will poke my eyes out for a few years before I actually tried it and didn´t hurt at all, ha ha. Even better my lashes were curled, my eyes looked more open and you get the picture. But, honestly using a Lash Curler will make a huge difference in your make-up game, especially if your using fake lashes.

4. Highlight, highlight, highlight!

Another product essential in your make-up bag. I am talking brow bone, cupids bow, inner eye corner and cheeks. A little bit of highlighter on those areas will brighten your face and finish up the look. I used to use highlighter only on special occasions but it has become a part of my daily routine. I absolutely love Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder in the shade 010-Fairy Dust for my cheeks, which gives a golden sheen. A powder highlighter is perfect for oily skin. And for other highlighting areas I use Catrice Eyebrow Lifter in a creamy pencil form, which is a pinker shade.
Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder (left) and Catrice Eyebrow Lifter (right)

5. Blush, baby

And lastly is the blush I´ve been scared to use due to my naturally red cheeks. But after applying foundation the face can look dull and unnatural. That is why you with a light hand off course and a natural sheer color blush we add a bit of dimension. I usually apply it a bit above the apples of the cheeks and blend it up words. My fave choice at the moment is Mac´s Sheertone Blush - Peaches which I already talked about in last weeks post.
Mac´s Sheertone Blush - Peahes

Have you ever been afraid to try any make-up products? And I would love to hear about your make-up mistakes in the past. Let me know in the comments and be sure to check back again for more beauty posts, coming next Tuesday. Until then, have a blast and thank you for reading.


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