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Turn Your Lazy Into Super Productive


My "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" are at times not enough for me to go from super lazy to super productive. Adding to much errands on my to-do list has made me fell a lot of pressure and suddenly I am starting to rebel against doing any of my work. I feel so overwhelmed with everything that I sometimes rather leave my work pile to just pile on up. "I will deal with it tomorrow," I say. But every day since I started dodging my duties it gets harder and harder to jump back in and just owning it. Probably because I feel more and more quilt for not doing what I am supposed to, what I wanted to, really. My "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" are slipping away from me at times and my motivation gets very low.

Only positive and happy dreams for me, please! 
A few weeks ago I was being lazy in my own way - I was reading trough articles on the Internet. I am not lazy with reading, that's for sure. I came across an interesting article, where I read that I was not really lazy, but lazy productive. Imagine that! There is a difference between looking productive and actually being productive. People who look tired, exhausted are really trying to be productive, and they also are trying to do as much work as possible. But those lazy looking people, who have fun while working are in fact those who get more things done. They also know how to draw a line between their productive and relaxing hours. Happy doesn´t mean lazy. Serious doesn´t mean productive. Right?

You can be lazy, productive and successful at the same time. But choose wisely with what you are going to be lazy about.

Say "no" more often.

You should really cherish your free time and not bend for anybody that is just not that important to you. Be kind and helpful, off course, but don´t be a martyr. Nobody needs someone like that, especially if you are going to resent others for your own choices.

Choose the right assignment for you, if you can.

What are your interests? Can you make your assignment more appealing to you? Try to figure something out, when you are pitching an idea to your boss, choosing a title for your thesis or just simply doing homework. If it still is extra boring for you, maybe chose a more relaxed location for you to work at.

Divide the work load.

Maybe you will get super excited about trying out a new recipe and you will make a delicious meal everyone will enjoy. But then you will get lazy and won´t feel like cleaning up that day. Fine, you can do it tomorrow. Some things are not worth feeling guilty for.

A few truths about laziness you may not see in that way - but they make sense.

1. Laziness is not the lack of organisation.

I always organise the time for being lazy. My life is a controlled chaos and I like it that way.

2. A lot of cool ideas come to me during my lazy time.

I would chill and not feel like doing anything, but then I would get this really cool idea that would totally get me in the zone and I would work for hours. I made some of my best work that way!

I am the type of person who gets nothing done until late at night, right before the deadline. But some days I would wake up extra motivated and did as much work in one day as others did in the whole week. It is the total truth - my colleagues often wondered how did I manage doing that. They have been working their butts off and I started at the last minute and pulled it off. I graduated in time, even before a lot of my colleagues in collage. I was being and still am lazy. I choose to do things that make me happy and sometimes do a lot of extra work just because I feel like it. I decided to work when I am motivated because that results are the only ones that are good in the end. I truly work hard on days like that. I go above and beyond and I am happy with my work.

That said I decided that laziness is a state of mind. Enjoy you free time like a teenager and work like a boss when you need to.


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