Either Decline or Simply Drink That Glass of Wine - Welcome to NeverMind


Why do successful women drink a glass of wine while eating dinner alone?

Do you ever think about that? In almost every TV Show/Movie with a strong female character there will be a scene like that. A professional women that is great at her job and quite high in position, drinks wine alone at night, while reflecting on her day and feeling lonely inside. Where is this coming from? I want to be successful to and so does my sister, so here we are - one of us doesn´t drink at all and the other - well, had her share of parties :) But we don´t like this stereotype. We want to live a full life, in every way possible. That is why we created NeverMind. Whoever you are, whatever you do, keep being yourself. Never Mind what others say, Never Mind what they think. Just be yourself.
So let us tell you a little something about who WE are.. A Journalist and a Fashion Designer working together to pursue our dreams in fashion and design. Two sisters (N and M), although very different in personalities, glad to be working together as a team. We made a promise to ourselves and our future readers, we are all in in NeverMind. We are reflecting our likes, hopes and wishes into this site, into our content. If you enjoy reading NeverMind, we are thrilled! :)
Nina (N) and Maja (M)
We grew up in a very creative family. Everybody is talented in some way, loves creating and it is honestly something that makes us the happiest. I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer at the age of 11 and event hough my wish has evolved more into graphic design it is still my passion. My family means everything to me and I love reminiscing the beautiful  memories we shared together. That is one reason why I fell in love with scrapbooking and subsequently in pattern papers. I can be lazy sometimes, but when I create there is no stopping me. And I love that feeling. N, 22

I have always felt a little bit different from others in my life in a sense of thinking too much about life, people, emotions and things in general. I get excited about stuff very easily and then get bored of  them in a heartbeat. But those who interest me deeply, stay for life. I love my alone time, relaxing,  daydreaming and brainstorming big ideas that I mostly do not act on. But every once in a while I get extra motivated and make something phenomenal in a short amount of time. I am like that, big on ideas and very picky at going trough with them. This project is one of the other ones, special to me. I am very excited on welcoming you to our little site. Thank you for reading. M, 25

Welcome to NM.

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4 komentarji

  1. Just like u I get excited and bored in a rush! Hope u have a great time blogging! Much love

  2. Love the motto "Never Mind what others say, Never Mind what they think. Just be yourself."

    xo Bhanu