Max Factor FACEFINITY All Day Primer Review


Lately I have been trying a lot of new face products in hopes to find a perfect foundation routine. I have tried a lot of different foundations that looked amazing while applying but in the direct sunlight just didn´t look right. Me being such a perfectionist (in some areas) I just had to do something. The first step towards finding that perfect routine is the right primer. For a long time I thought is unnecessary, now I think it makes all the difference.

I bought the Max Factor FACEFINITY All Day Primer about a week ago and I just had to share my thoughts with you. I absolutely love everything about it. I tried it under a few foundations with different applications and I have to say it really works.

This 30 ml of goodness comes in a foundation like packaging. It has a pump which is always appreciated. The product itself is white, but when applied it absorbs into the skin and leaves no trace, just smoothness. It feels very light on the skin and it keeps foundation from slipping off your face. Like I mentioned before I tried it with light coverage dewy foundation and also with full coverage matte foundation, I works with them all. It also has SPF 20, so you´re  skin will be protected, while looking o so fabulous. One pump should be enough to cover your whole face, however it does dry fairly quickly. I find It prolongs the foundation wear and makes your skin feel so smooth to the touch. Unlike some other primers It feels very moisturizing, also it has a subtle creamy smell.

I really like and recommend this product. It´s just amazing! How do you like this primer? Or do you have a different favourite primer? Let me know in the comments, check out last weeks Beauty post and come back next Tuesday for more Beauty talk.


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