Pregnancy TO-DO List - Third Trimester


This is the third and the last part of the Ultimate TO-DO List During Pregnancy! If you are already at this stage of your pregnancy, congrats! I cannot wait for my baby to get here and I am in my second trimester currently - I can imagine how impatient you must be. I made a cute FREEBIE Ultimate TO-DO List During Your Whole Pregnancy for you and I hope it will help you answer a few questions about this exciting stage in your life. Be a healthy and happy momma.

Third Trimester

1. Are you having a baby shower?

If someone is throwing you a baby shower, tell them your wishes and plans for this celebration of you and your baby. Talk the theme with them, tell them what you love and let that day be all about you. I am not talking about being selfish, but to honor you and your baby with things you like - it is your day.

2. Be aware of your baby´s movements and pregnancy symptoms you should never ignored.

People say that mothers instinct is a real thing - if you feel like something is wrong, call your doctor. It is no shame in asking, but there can be devastating consequences if you do not react because someone is telling you you are overreacting. I will rather overreach than be sorry. 

3. Put together your baby items and nursery.

This is fun but also hard for you to do it by yourself st this point of your pregnancy. Do it together with your significant other or have your family and friends help out. This is a happy occasion, someone will gladly help you set up a nursery for your baby. Also, if you are planning on having your newborn sleep in your bedroom in a bassinet or a crib, prepare a space for him and his stuff. 

4. Massage your bump and talk to your baby.

Bond with your baby, he will feel that you are talking to him. You can let him listen to music (a lot of women do that). Also, massages for you belly with a good lotion or oil can help preventing or healing stretch marks. Nothing can prevent them if your skin is prone to stretch marks. Oh, I must copy this to first trimester :) Done.

5. Take a birth class, learn about the stages of labour and create a birth plan.

Make sure you know what to expect - but every labour and birth is different, so keep that in mind too. I will be starting my birth class in my seventh month of pregnancy with my partner.

6. Pack your hospital bag and the bag for your newborn (what you will need for bringing him home).

I will be packing both of these bags and not letting anything to chance. I feel like if I leave a list of essentials at home for my partner to get them for me, I will be getting a lot of wrong stuff :)

7. Get some sleep and ask for help.

Get some sleep while you still can - this is a must! Plus, ask your mother or mother in law ahead (if they have time and they live close by) if they can cook lunch for you guys like once or twice a week or if they can take a trip to the store for you or get you whatever you need after the baby is born because you will feel tired and overwhelmed. It can also be your sister or friend. Whatever you need, do not afraid to ask - the worst thing that can happen is that they say no. 

8. Buy essential items for your baby!

There is a whole list of must-haves for newborn, you need to buy. If you had your baby shower and you got a lot of stuff already, take a look at what else do you need for those first two months. I will post this list in next few weeks. I made one already, but it is not in English yet. 

9. Stock on household supplies.

You will be sore from birth, tired, confused and a whole bunch of stuff will come before you taking a trip to your local store just to get some toilet paper or shampoo. For your own sanity, buy a bunch of these thing before birth. They will last, plus if you buy them on bulk or with coupons, you will also save money. Yay!

10. Check on the hospital.

Where will you be giving birth? When are the visiting hours for family and friends? Do you even want them there for the first few days? What is there care for premature born babies? Get answers on all your questions about the time you will spend there and more.

11. Prepare for breastfeeding and newborn care. 

You will learn on how to take care of your baby and breastfeed him during your birth class, in the hospital, at your first doctors appointments with your newborn and by getting experiences yourself. Read about those things beforehand, you will feel more calm about it and be more secure as a parent.

I wish you a healthy delivery and lots of fun times with your cutie!


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