Sewing supplies every beginner needs!


There are so many cool clothes and other accesories you can make with a little effort and a few skills. Skill will come over time, so all you really need is strong will, a bunch of free time and love for DIY projects. I started sewing a year or so age and I have been loving it since then! I can make whatever I want, use whicever fabric and pattern I want and it has been amazing. I came close to losing my mind a few times when thing were not going my way, I have waisted fabric, I have broken sewing machine needles and I had a lot of fun, all together :)  

What kind of sewing supplies do beginners really need? I hate it when I am super motivated while in the middle of the process and I have to stop because there is something I forgot to buy. So first of all I am making sure I have everything I need before I start. So here are a few of the most important supplies when you are learning to sew.

Number 1 - Fabric Shears/ Scissors

A special kind of scissors made for fabric. A sharp pair of these will avoid you wanting to quit before you even start.

Number 2 - Seam Ripper

Eventually you will make a mistake and you will need to take out your stitches and they will help you do that without ruining your fabric. Don´t worry, it happens to everyone.

Number 3 - Safety Pins

My mother and sister seem to use these with sewing clothes all the time. They will keep a quilt sandwiched together while you sew.

Number 4 - Pin Cushion

This is very important for me to have, because I am very clumsy. I can store all the needles in a little cushion so that they will not end up all over the floor and the end result would be me stepping on one of the needles in a strange way. 

Number 5 - Straight pins

Very important for preventing accidentally sewing over a needle, because of their colourful heads. 

Number 6 - Sewing Machine Needles

I guess they come with the sewing machine when you buy it but if you have bought it used make sure you buy at least universal needles. It doesn't hurt having a few extra ones anyway, because they can break.

Number 7 -Water Soluble Fabric Markers

They are awesome and not expensive. It is a great way to make marks on any fabric and then just spray it with water and it will disappear. They make it super easy for you to transfer pattern markings. 

Number 8 - Cutting Mat

A must have for clumsy people like me to protect your table or floor while cutting fabric. Yup, I have to buy one of these. For now, I am sewing without this one.

Did I forget something? Well, I guess you will also need a sewing machine (I assumed you already had one), fabric and a lot sewing threads in different colours. People also recommend having  acrylic fabric ruler and rotary cutter but I work without those two for now and I don´t miss them.

I you want to take I look - These are my favourite tiny clothes I made for my little cutie coming February 2016! 

Have fun creating,


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