NeverMind App Update - Daily Planner


A few months ago we launched an app called NeverMind, where you can read our blog and visit our shop.We love mobile apps, so we though it would be awesome for our readers to have an easier time going trough our content. We always felt like something was missing and we wanted to give you guys an extra reason on why to love our app, besides it being compeletly free, so we added a new section - DAILY PLANNER!

We used our own designs for backgrounds and we have big plans in the future for this section! We want to work on our design and make it the best it can be. This being said here are the screenshots of our Daily Planner, which is here to help you plan your shedule and make you remember the important stuff.


Who you love has a birthday coming up this month? Any anniversays? Write them down.


What are you plans, needs, wants? Have any to-do lists to write down, memos? Use this page for random notes and reminders.


With a lot of space that just goes on and on...
We hope you will make a good use out of it.


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