Pregnancy fun stuff: nursery themes


Being pregnant has its ups and downs but I am having so much fun at this point while waiting for my little guy to arrive! Both me and my future husband cannot wait to hold him in our arms, but it is still so much to do and prepare before his arrival. This is the most fun I have had while being pregnant - picking out baby clothes, necessities, random baby stuff and off course nursery design! This post is all about the nursery designs we LOVE. We are in the middle of choosing our theme and I cannot be more excited!

We like a lot of different designs and we are still deciding between a few themes. To be fair, I think we will end up having a mixed theme of what we both like and make it a retro nursery with cool movie posters, funny signs, space, woodland pictures and things like that. He will have an art poster with his name and a bunch of my own art. I think. I am still in the process of planning and will post the final result, when we finish his nursery. Here are some nursery themes I like (keep in mind I like many more):

Black and white








Star Wars




Bold colors

We are not painting the walls, because we are renting at the time and I also love white walls. I am planning on creating the vibe of a chosen theme (probably a mix of them) with wall posters, different wall art and accessories. We are making a lot of stuff by ourselves (like his changing table, blankets, art) and we already bought a crib.

I hope I gave you a few ideas for your nursery that will fit you little cutie perfectly :)


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