Fashion Editorial part 1


I was going through all the photos on my computer recently and I stumbled upon some old fashion pictures. These were a part of my first Editorial for a school project, but also my first ever photoshoot. I remember having a blast, the whole day was spent running around the town, changing clothes, touching up make-up and we ended our adventure with some tasty ice cream. Talking about a great day.

Anyways, I love how colorful and fun these are, so I thought I would share some with you. As there are many I will split these in two parts, so make sure you come back for more. I was in charge of locations, make-up and styling. You may recognize the model, my beautiful sister and blog co-writer, Maja and the talented photographer is Sabina Zag, make sure you visit her blog here.

Let me know which look you like the best, check out last weeks Fashion post if you`re interested in baby fashion and make sure you return next Wednesday for more talk about all things fashion.


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