My 23th Birthday Beauty Haul


Last Tuesday I turned 23. I´ve had a lovely week of celebrating and partying with my friends and family. I had an amazing time and I got a lot of lovely wishes and prezies. Among them quite a few beauty bits. And I just want to share them with you all today. Here it goes.

I just recently ran out of my favourite foundations so I needed to get some more. But I decided it was time to try something new and I picked up Loreal True Match Foundation. I heard so many lovely things about this one but I always went for something else. I have to say so far I really enjoy it. I also needed a new full coverage matte foundation so I just repurchased my all time fave Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus. Recently they added a new shade, number 015 - Vanilla Beige, which should be a match since 010 was a bit to light for me and number 020 a bit to dark. I will let you know how it goes. I also picked a new primer, Max Factor Facefinity. I already wrote a review on it, you can read all about it here

left to right: Max Factor Facefinity Primer, Loreal True Match Foundation and Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Foundation

I also needed a deeper, cool toned bronzer. Even though I have been eyeing sleek´s contour kit for a while I decided to try Essence´s contouring set from their newest collection, Happy girls are Pretty. I love the highlighter as well, It´s a really pretty golden highlighter. 

Essence contouring set, 01 Happiness is...A Way of Life

Although I really don´t need any new eye shadows, especially not neutrals I really wanted to try Essence´s I Love Nude single eye shadows. They are really stepping up their game and I don´t need a lot of convincing when it comes to my neutral colors. I chose the following shades: 03 Creme Brulee, 05 My Favourite Tauping and 08 Rosen Yoghurt.

from left to right: 03, 05 and 08

I also bought Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, after everybody raved about it. I haven´t gotten a chance to try it yet but I have very high hopes for this one. Another impulse buy was Catrice Cosmetics Long lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in the shade 090 Petrol and the Wolf. I fell in love with the color instantly, It is so gorgeous. 

Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer and Long lasting Waterproof Eyeliner 

As you know, no purchase is complete without a nail polish or two. This time I went for a Silk Matt Top Coat and a new formula, Luxury Vintage Satin Matt nail polish in a beautiful peachy shade, 08 Because I´m Shabby. I also bought some new Essence makeup brushes, you can never have too many. I just love their design, so pretty.

Essence makeup brushes

You have reached the end of my 23 birthday haul. I will review some of these in the upcoming weeks, make sure you come back. Don´t forget to follow us and let me know in the comments, What was your best birthday present yet?


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